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Since the most Christmassy of Christmases in Freiburg, Germany, 2002, we have collected beautiful and unusual Christmas ornaments from our many travels. Even in the height of summer, it has been possible to add to our collection. On this page are individual photographs of each of our ornaments so far, including links to the special places we found them.
One of our first, this accordion is from Freiburg
From The Pier in London
American flag
Old Glory, Highlands, North Carolina
Angel 3
Our treetop angel was bought in a local charity shop. The vest is made from a balloon, and he wears a kilt made from Edinburgh tartan.
Angel Jean Longman
This copper enamel angel is a memento from my mother and was made by her friend Jean Longman.

Ball heavy
Forgive us if your search for "heavy balls" brought you to this page by mistake. This one came from Freiburg.

These balls are all from Heal's in London
Bear Dublin
I think this bear is from Dublin
Bear antique
A 1950s bear from Germany bought HERE.
Bear favourite
My favourite ornament, the Regency Bear from Freiburg
Bought in 2007, not sure where.

Bear mini
One of the first, from Freiburg

Bear tall
From a flower shop near Freiburg's Bahnhof
Bear wooden
Not sure where this bear is from.
Or this chef
Christmas antique
Another antique from Germany
One of the Freiburg firsts
From Delft, in Holland
Our friend Joyce gave us these
December Vendee jn2.jpg
From Les 2 Etourdis, a shop in Paris.
Duck etc
From the first trip to Freiburg
From La Compagnie du Cèdre in Dijon
Elvis 2
A USA souvenir from Highlands, North Carolina
Fleur de lis
From our 1st/10th anniversary in Paris
From The Pier in London

Beaded garland from Amsterdam

Garland 3
I love these frosted cranberry garlands from an earlier trip to Amsterdam
Giraffe Paris
From Les 2 Etourdis, a shop in Paris
Lion Paris.jpg
From Les 2 Etourdis, a shop in Paris
The Grinch is from Walmart in Seneca, SC
Heart Winchester
This heart is from Winchester's Christmas market
House 2
From the first trip to Freiburg
Ice skate
From Salzburg
Jack in the Box
From The Pier in London
From La Compagnie du Cèdre in Dijon
Leaves NYC
An antique store in Greenwich Village, New York, 2004
Lederhosen boy
From Vienna
A Mattarusky ornament bought in Highlands, North Carolina
Mushrooms 2
Bought in Liberty store in London, these porcini mushrooms remind us of mushroom collecting
Nutcracker ball
Nutcracker ornament from Magnolia Plantation outside Charleston
Piper NYC
South Street Seaport, NYC, 2004

A pommegranate, reminding us of Mykonos(though not purchased there) - read why
I think this pudding came from a shop across from the Spanish Steps in Rome.
Our wonderful Christmas pyramid, bought in Potsdam, outside Berlin

A reindeer from Cracker Barrel in Commerce, Georgia, during my 2008 trip home
Rudolph is always my favourite. Bought in Seneca, SC
Santa Amsterdam.jpg
From Amsterdam

Santa ball NYC.jpg
Bought atop the Empire State Building
Santa mobile 2.jpg
Not sure where this modern Santa comes from.
Santa mobile.jpg

Santa spooky.jpg
...or this Germanic looking one.
Santa trainwreck.jpg
It's all a blur! Where was this from? Edinburgh?
From New York, I think.
Snowman louche.jpg
From Les 2 Etourdis, a shop in Paris
From the first trip to Freiburg, I think.
This is from London, I think.
A USA souvenir from Highlands, North Carolina
Tin soldier Titisee.jpg

Tin snowman Titisee.jpg
These tin figures are all from Titisee, Germany
Tin Drummer Titisee.jpg

Welsh love spoon.jpg
Welsh love spoons from The Lovespoon Gallery in Mumbles, Wales
Teardrop 2.jpg
I can't remember where the teardrop ornment is from, but the beautiful ribbon is from Highlands, North Carolina
Wooden thing
From Germany

Santa unknown.jpg
A Santa of unremembered origins, but probably Berlin.
December Vendee jo.jpg
Quite a large ornament, this gingerbread cottage was bought on 7th Ave in New York, 2009.
Goose a-laying.jpg
From the Twelve Days of Christmas series by Waterford. Highlands, North Carolina
Christmas h
From our anniversary trip to Naples, 2009
Christmas e2b
From the Winchester Christmas Market, 2009
Christmas e2c
A Sorrento souvenir from 2009
 August SF oa
San Francisco, 2010

August SF ob
San Francisco, 2010
July Germany f
Köln, 2010
December Vendee lg
Noirmoutier Island, France, 2011
2010 Holly
Totnes, Devon, 2010
December Vendee lh.jpg
Noirmoutier Island, France, 2011
Honduras angel
Honduras, 2011
NY Taxi
New York, 2011
Tuscany ball.jpg
Tuscany, 2011
Dec Salz ha
Innsbruck, 2011
Oct Venice bw2
Murano (Venice), 2011
Dec Salz hb.jpg
Salzburg, 2011
Dec Salz hc.jpg
Salzburg, 2011
(Austrian c 1930s)
Dec Salz hd.jpg
Salzburg, 2011
(Austrian c 1959)
Dec Salz he.jpg
Salzburg, 2011
(Austrian c 1930s)
Oct Scotland zm
Glasgow, 2011

Dec Salz hf.jpg
Innsbruck, 2011
(Stille Nacht chapel)
2011 Garland
A vintage-looking string of baubles from Winchester, 2011
2012 Merman 2
Paris, 2012 (first spotted in San Francisco)
2012 Sheep
BrightonOpen House Festival, 2012
2012 Sheep 2
Another sheep. This time, Tuscany. 2012
2013 truck
New York 2013
2013 Rudolph
New York 2013
2013 Angel
New York 2013
 2013 Frei a
Strasbourg 2013
2013 Red Ridinghood
Brighton 2013
2013 Frei b
Freiburg 2013
2013 Frei c
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei d
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei e
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei f
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei g
Freiburg 2013
2013 Frei h
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei i
Freiburg 2013
2013 Frei j
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei k
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei l
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei m
Freiburg 2013
 2013 Frei n
Freiburg 2013
2014 Noah 1
Budapest 2014
2014 Egg
Budapest 2014
2014 Noah 2
Budapest 2014
2013 Frei o
Hinterzarten 2013
2014 Salz a
Salzburg 2014
2014 Salz b
Salzburg 2014
2014 Bruges a
Bruges 2014
2014 Bruges b
Bruges 2014
2014 Bruges c
Bruges 2014
2015 a
Bruges 2015
2015 b
Bruges 2015 - a perfect gift from students
2015 c
Bruges 2015
2015 f
Szentendre, Hungary, 2015
2015 d
Bruges 2015
2015 e
Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy 2015
2015 g
Szentendre, Hungary, 2015
2015 h
Budapest, Hungary, 2015
2016 a
Reykjavik, Iceland, 2016
2016 b
Reykjavik, Iceland, 2016
2016 e
Paris, 2016
2016 f
Oloron-Sainte Marie, 2016
2017 c
Freiburg antique shop 2017
2017 a
Emilia-Romagna, 2017
2017 b
Turin 2017
2017 d
Freiburg antique shop 2017
2017 e
Freiburg 2017
2017 f
Freiburg Christmas market 2017
2017 g
Freiburg antique shop 2017
2017 h
Strasbourg Christmas market 2017
2018 08 a
San Marino 2018
2018 b
Budapest 2018
2018 c
Budapest 2018
2018 a
Budapest 2018
2018 d
Paris 2018
2018 e
Paris 2018
2018 f
Paris 2018
2018 Rome
Rome 2018
2019 Abruzzo
Abruzzo, 2019
2019 Rotterdam 1.jpg
Rotterdam, 2019
2019 Rotterdam 2.jpg
Rotterdam, 2019
2019 Paris 2.jpg
Seattle via Paris, 2019
2019 Paris 1.jpg
John Lewis via Paris, 2019
2020 a.jpg
Anniversary 2020 (ordered from Käthe Wohlfahrt)
2020 b.jpg
Anniversary 2020 (ordered from Käthe Wohlfahrt)
2020 c.jpg
Christmas 2020 (ordered from Käthe Wohlfahrt).
07 apo.jpg
Scotland, 2021
2021 Copenhagen a.jpg
Copenhagen, 2021
2021 Copenhagen b.jpg
Copenhagen, 2021
  2021 Provence.jpg
Provence, 2021

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