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Nick's birthday treat was a visit to Iceland, with our hopes high for seeing the Northern Lights. Click HERE to see last year's birthday celebrations and HERE to see more from Winter 2016.
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We stayed in a wonderful apartment with two balconies which overlooked the city and the harbour. We enjoyed shopping along Laugavegur Street, which was a short walk from our apartment
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We went to the National Gallery, where we saw the Picasso sculpture and played with the interactive art.
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The Valentine's Day collage was apropos to our visit and if you look closely, you can see our Sheep reflected on the gallery wall (bottom left).
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The Old Harbour had some great places, including a cheese shop that sold wonderful local cheeses, alongside cheddar and Stilton.
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The views from our apartment, Harpa concert hall, and Ingólfur Arnarson (founder of Iceland).
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Enjoying an Icelandic donut outside Hallgrímskirkja cathedral and the Einar Jónsson Sculpture Garden
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I loved the Scandanavian colours
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Our quest for the Northern Lights was rewearded with these amazing views.
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Just hours before our trip, I read up on how to photograph the Northern Lights.
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The red colours are especially rare and when the lights danced, everyone shouted with joy.
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We went to the Blue Lagoon at night and it snowed and hailed on our heads while we soaked in the hot water. We bought ornaments for our collection.
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On our Southern Coast trip, we saw this waterfall and rainbow..
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Jamie Oliver products, frolicking boys, and more waterfall
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The black sand beach was truly awesome, with terrifying waves, off-shore "trolls", and black beach..
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Vik is the southernmost village in Iceland.
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Mýrdalsjökull glacier park was monumental, and we went right up to the "snout" of the glacier.
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Photos don't do justice to the size of this area.
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Faxa and Gullfoss waterfalls
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We ate our lunch right beside the geyser, which erupted at regular intervals.
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Peningagjá coin fissure at the continental rift between America and Europe, plus some fluffy Icelandic horses
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Þingvellir, where the Icelandic Parliament was established in 930, and remained until 1798
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Above: an earthquake simulator, Icelanic Bert and Ernie, the "incest blocker" app, and the Yule Lads.

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