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Ia Both.jpg
We celebrated our seventh (copper and wool) anniversary with a trip to Scotland!
Anniversary gifts
I gave Nick a wool sweater, wrapped in a copper-coloured box, with this handmade card keeping to the theme.

Nick gave me a copper farthing and these sliver shillings, all dated 1898 (100 years before we met). We will use the shillings in our Christmas puddings.
Anniversary cake
At home, we celebrated with a chocolate truffle cake, dusted with copper
In the lovely and highly recommended Ayden Guest House, we breakfasted on porridge and eggs Benedict.
 A B&B 2
Reading up on things to do in Edinburgh
B N Cone
Nick imitates a photo shoot we've seen.
C N Holyrood
Outside the Palace of Holyroodhouse
D Unicorn
A unicorn on the wall of Holyrood
Ea Parliament
Across the road is the newly finished Scotish Parliament building
E Parliament sculpture
This glass sculpture included light and sound
F Christmas shop
The Christmas shop on the Royal Mile, where we added to our collection.
G N Sculpture
Nick walks with a bronze statue down the Royal Mile
H Pink Sporran
A pink sporran! Now you're talking, laddie.
Ha Kilt Shop
Outside Geoffrey Tailor Kiltmaker, where I bought my own sporran
Hb Kilt Shop
Geoffrey Tailor also runs 21st Century Kilts, who make leather, PVC, and denim outfits for the modern laddie like me!
Hc Mirror.jpg
Having fun with the mirrors outside the Camera Obscura

Hd Both
Near Edinburgh Castle
Hd Both
We sampled eight different types of whiskey at the Whiskey Heritage Centre. (Not a tour I would recommend).
He Ness
A Loch Ness monster souvenir in the woolen mill.
Hf mill.jpg
Inside the woolen mill
Hf kiltie
A kiltie boy in a souvenir shop
Hg kiltie.jpg
Checking the stock
Hg burger.jpg
Can you believe, this is what you get when you order a cheeseburger in Scotland!
Hg ice cream.jpg
And this is their ice cream!

Hf armor
Nick made a hard new friend


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