As a late birthday gift for Nick, we took a surprise trip to Dublin, a city that neither of us had visited. Click HERE to see our 2018 visit to Northern Ireland.
A Lucozade Bear
This ad for Lucozade appeard on many city buses
D Hills
A view of the Dublin hills, taken from the Guinness Storehouse
C Nick Guinness
Nick admiring the Guinness Storehouse waterfall.
Shamrock 2.jpg
B Church
This old church is now the tourist information centre.
E Guinness
We tasted the black stuff at its source
Our photo album continues to grow.
G cute pub
An Irish pub manager
Rainbow 4.jpg
F Dublin pub
We had a great beef and Guinness pie at Ryan's pub.
H Point
The 120 metre tall Dublin Spire
T Molly Mallone.jpg
A sculpture of Molly Malone, known locally as 'The tart with the cart'
Shamrock 3.jpg
I pond
A pond in emerald green
J Dublin lamp
The street lamps in Dublin are very ornate.
Rainbow 3.jpg L Door
The most photographed door in Dublin
K Lambs
Nick bought me a Lamb like these when he went to Belfast. I was excited to find his relatives for sale in Dublin.
M Frankies
Outside Frankie's guesthouse, our B&B.
N Bear
A bear sculpture in the town centre
O Graffiti 2.jpg
We saw these graffiti in different locations around the city.
O Graffiti.jpg
P Wilde's house.jpg
Oscar Wilde's house, now an American educational institution.
Q Wilde statue.jpg
This sculpture of Wilde in Merrion Square park is very unusual, with its coloured stone and wry smirk.
Rainbow 4.jpg S Mitten Trinity.jpg
At Trinity College
Shamrock 2.jpg
R Sunny Pub.jpg
A sun drenched pub
We escaped to the hills outside of Dublin for a more authentic slice of Irish life.
U Snow.jpg
There was snow on top of the hills.

v Snow.jpg
More snow
W Robin.jpg
A robin in the cemetary of Glendalough
X Monastery.jpg
St Kevin's round monastery
Shamrock 3.jpg
Rainbow 3.jpg
Y Church.jpg
This site was founded in the 6th century.
Z Tombstones.jpg Za Church.jpg
Zb Waterfall.jpg
A waterfall near the monastery
Zc Lake.jpg
An Irish lake
Zd Weaver.jpg
We visited Avoca, the country's oldest weaving mill.
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