We celebrated our 2nd/11th anniversary with a trip to Southern Italy. Click HERE to see our wedding and HERE to see our celebrations in 2008.
Collage a
We stayed at the splendid Grand Hotel Angiolieri, a 5-star establishment near Sorrento. Click HERE to see our gourmet meal.
Banner Sorrento
Collage b
Gelato and lemons are a specialty of the area. So are naked statues.
Collage c
Drinks in Sorento, a ferryman, and two cones of gelato.
Banner Capri
Collage d
The Isle of Capri, our boatman, and the welcoming statue on the rocks
Italy cd
Madonna-shaped rock formation
Italy ce
Elephant-shaped rock formation
Italy cg2
A cove off Capri
Collage e
Collage f
Collage l
The famous blue grotto, accessible only by tiny row boats in which passengers have to lie down.
Collage h
Capri sights
Collage i
They were filming a soap opera in Capri town

Drinking prosecco on the harbour, an underwear ad, and Chihuahua head pizza?
Collage j
Banner Vesuvius
Collage m
Our day trip to Vesuvius
Collage n
Banner Herculaneum
Italy df
A new vegetable for us!
Italy e
A bronze sculpture in Herculanium
Italy ea
Nick on the ancient streets
Collage o
Collage p
For a full sized image I took a few years ago, click HERE.
Italy eb Italy eg Italy eh
Italy ei Italy ej Italy ek
Italy ga Italy gb Italy gc
Italy gf
Italy gh
Italy gi
The top figure is rather rude.
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Collage r
The brothel in Herculaneum had uncomfortable beds. We enjoyed pizza on our terrace.
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Italy gm.jpg Italy gn2b Italy go
Italy gp2
Banner Positano
Collage s
The drive to Positano was scary; we ended up on an uphill road just inches wider than our car.
Italy gp  
Collage t
Our restaurant and a local sculpture
Banner Napoli
Italy he
Italy hea
The front
Italy heb
The back, with apples
Italy hf Italy hfb Italy hfd
Italy hfe
This scupture had "perfect musical form".
Italy hfd2
Italy hi
Italy ia
These images are from the "Secret Cabinet".
Collage u
Once thought so profane, they were off limits to the public. Naturally, our first port os call.
Alexander the Great, from Herculaneum.
Collage v
Collage x
Italy j
This man's pizzas cost one Euro.
Italy ja
A shop recommended by our guide.
Italy jb2
Eating sfogliatella, on my Been-go card
Collage y
Shops where our anniversary gifts and Christmas ornament came from, a welcome margarita, and Naples street life
Banner Amalfi Coast
Collage z
Collage za
Collage zb
Collage zc
There's always a wedding in progress!
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Collage ze
Banner Amalfi
Collage zf
Collage zg
Collage zh
Collage zie}

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