In July, 2011, George got to go on an expedition to Honduras, in Central America. Nothing like spending a week in the jungle and another week on an island to make you appreciate the comforts of home! Click HERE to see what else we did together in the summer of 2011.
Collage July Honduras a
After a night in San Pedro Sula, we rode to our base camp in the cloud forest. Above are photos of the kitchen, where corn tortillas were made daily.
Collage July Honduras b
Part of our expedition was to record data from birds, bats, reptiles, and plants. It was all very exciting, if arduous.
Collage July Honduras c
Photos above include George of the Jungle, a toucan in the treetops, a turtle, and Lou, our medic
Collage July Honduras d
The second week was spent on the island of Utila, where most of our group learned to scuba dive.

Collage July Honduras e
The cheeseburger meal I ate was the most delicious thing ever after a week in the jungle without meat.

Collage July Honduras f
Some sights from Utila, including Miss Tonia, who made a birthday cake for one of our group.

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