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Before we left for France, we enjoyed the Christmas market in Winchester.

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The river in Vouvant, candied fruits and fragrant bookseller in Challans
Christmas c2
The Cour du Miracle in Vouvant
Christmas d
A lit candle in a secret grotto
Christmas d2
The river in Vouvant
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Somewhat creepy Santas hanging from ladders were ubiquitous in France.
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There was a display of fifty Christmas manger scenes from around the world, displayed in the cathedral in Vouvant.
Christmas h
The silver ornament we bought in Naples

Christmas e2b
An elf we bought in Winchester
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Christmas e2c
Our souvenir from Sorrento

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We returned to a very different L'Aubonniere from the summer.
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In the summer, we walked across this bridge. This time, I fell in! Click HERE to see this same spot on our summer trip.
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I bought new Eden Park socks in Luçon, after my feet got soaked in the River Yon. Watching Rudolph and the view from the kitchen.
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Christmas morning: opening stockings and walking to the windmills in Mouilleron
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A new food for us was hibiscus flowers, which blossomed in our glass of champagne.
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Christmas dinner was Delia's duck and cherry sauce. We later opened gifts by the fire.
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A frosty holiday morning
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Our Christmas haul.
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Testing my new zoom lens
collage o
Riding Santa's sleigh in Fontenay-le-Comte and sharpening a Bic pen on a neolithic sharpening stone
collage p
We found a still, silent lake at an abandoned quartz quarry.
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Quartz quarry would score very well in Scrabble. We enjoyed the reflections on the water.
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George made crumpets from Marcus "Hairy Arms" Wareing's new cookbook. We heard a trumpet recital at the church in Mouilleron (not pictured).
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This, in fact, is the cathedral in Poitiers. Most everything else was closed the Monday we were there.
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We follwed brown signs to the Nombril du Monde and weren't disappointed by the mysterious treasure hunt. The rainbow huts are elsewhere.
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There were clues hidden in red filing cabinets along the road to the village church. A great art installation, even if we didn't understand it.
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Mysteries of the Nombril du Monde. And a cute shopper in Bressuire.
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On New Year's Eve, we went to Futuroscope.
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In one of the "rides" we could hold animated creatures on our special pads. They obviously can't be photographed (far left).
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On our final full day, we went sightseeing in Fontenay-le-Comte. The middle picture is New Year's Eve.
  Christmas oa
The fountain after which Fontenay is named

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