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As an anniversary gift (leather being a tradition), I bought a small suede photo album for Nick and painted scenes on each page showing highlights of our lives together - ones that we don't necessarily have photos of. We are depicted as bears, as we are on our Christmas cards and wedding cake. Below are most of the pictures, scanned.
a meeting b Bear
After making contact on the Internet, we first met in a pub in what was to become our home town together. I was very thin in those days, due to my three times a week swimming habit, and I had a goatee. Cher's Believe was ubiquitous in 1998. When we first met, Nick was a smoker, and he used to leave his ashtray on the window of my flat. Somehow, we developed a joke about the "oiled men" who used to cavort in the garden.

D New York e Christmas
Four months after we met, we went to New York together on holiday in February. We got tickets to see Late Night With David Letterman (the guests were Shaggy and Benico Del Torro). When we emerged from the taping, the city was covered with a magical blanket of snow. And it was Valentine's Day! Christmas is always special for us, and we wake each morning to the rustle of our Santa-filled stockings at the end of the bed. Mine always includes some Reece's peanut butter product, and we always have crackers to pull.
f Delos
g Tom
The almost mythical island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo, near Mykonos. The temperature is well over 100, and, at the end of a day's excursions, nothing is better than sipping a freezing cold lemon slushy while bathing in the ancient Mediterranean sea. The ghosts of past inhabitants are almost palpable. This scene will have no caption, thank you.

h Pride
One of our many trips to London's Pride
i Freiburg
Christmas in Freiburg, where we started our ornament collection
j Robbie k thunderstorm
We've seen Robbie Williams in concert twice, the second time in Amsterdam, when we couldn't get tickets to the notorious Knebworth one. We also happen to own a pair of his grey boxer briefs, but we're not allowed to say how we got them... On a trip to the prehistoric Dordogne area of France, we witnessed thrilling electrical storms from our patio. Patron, the poodle, was always close at hand.
l cabin m Amsterdam
We got locked out of my uncle's cabin in South Carolina and finally managed to crawl in the window. That's the Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue on the table. We've stayed on two different houseboats in Amsterdam. The first came with bicycles, and we felt just like the locals.
n Noirmoutier o Vendee
An unexpected highlight of our trip to the Vendeé in France was eating pizza by moonlight on the island of Noirmoutier.
We returned to the Vendeé in 2007, and spent many a long evening dining and playing games in the garden of La Fraudiere. We are shown here playing Pass the Bomb and thinking of Neil.
p Paris
Finally, for now, our wedding in Paris.
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