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The beach at Menton

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Notice that no one is swimming. This is due to the invasion of meduse (jellyfish) that arrived, unseasonably, in August.
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We took a promenade by the harbour.
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Nick made a business call under a palm tree.
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Our main goal in Menton was to visit the Jean Cocteau museum. We learned about Cocteau on our 2003 trip to Paris.
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The museum is in a 17th century fort; Cocteau supervised the restoration himself.
.N Cocteau grave.jpg
Cocteau is buried outside the Bastion.
N Cocteau tapestry.jpg
Cocteau's 1948 work, Judith et Holopherne, was praised by Matisse as being the most important 20th centurty tapestry.
N Cocteau museum 3.jpg N Cocteau museum 2.jpg .
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Nick ouside the Cocteau museum. The faun mosaic is pebbled.
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Our star purchase on this trip - an original lithograph by Cocteau, La Palette, 1952. A naked man in the sun, holding a martini. Perfect.
N Cocteau chapel .jpg
Also in Menton is this marriage hall, designed by Cocteau in 1957-8.
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Everything in the hall, from the frescos to the prickly pear lamps, chairs, and faux panther skin rugs, was designed by Cocteau
N Cocteau Chappel 3.jpg
This mural showed jilted girlfriends, a disapproving mother-in-law, and other fascinating wedding attendants.
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On the way back from Menton, we stopped in Nice and took this photo.

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Parisian landmarks
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Seen at the bookstalls along the Seine. He accepts Visa.
Q Bertillon.jpg
Eating the city's best ice cream, from Bertillon on the Ile St Louis
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On the Pont Neuf
Q G Cocteau.jpg
My book of naughty Cocteau drawings
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The Statue of Liberty torch replica on Alma Bridge (now a memorial to Princess Diana, whose car crashed there).
Q Baguette Magique.jpg
'Baguettes magique' at a Marais bakery
Q Gai.jpg
At Le Gai Moulin, we had a bottle of 1998 wine (the year we met) to go with our meal.
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Outside the beach hut near the volleyball court. See photos of volleyball players in action from 2005.
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At the Place de la Concorde
Nick 1.jpg Nick 3.jpg
Q Plage.jpg
Lying on the plage (beach). It rained a lot later that day.
Q Lanterns.jpg
The plage at night. The theme this year was Polynesia.
1 Q magic
We visited the Museum of Magic on a rainy morning.
Q Plaque.jpg
This plaque was outside the school of medicine on the Left Bank.
Q Our bench.jpg
Our tradition is to share a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne at 'our bench' on the Ile St Louis. We even have an original artwork by James Asal depicting us there.
Q Sunset.jpg
The sun set on another glorious holiday together.