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We returned to our favourite Greek island, Mykonos, during May to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was a glorious time to be there, with cooler weather and fewer tourists than in August. We stayed at the luxurious Geranium Residence Hotel. CLICK HERE to see our past experiences in Mykonos.
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Jimmi's makes our favourite gyros. I cuddle this dolphin every time we visit.
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The pelicans were easy to find this time. At Kastro bar.
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We bought a coconut syrup cake at Piccolo bakery and shared it with the other patrons of Giles' Magic Bar on my birthday. Nick is shown with the nice waiter at the piano bar.
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We celebrated my birthday poolside. Nick gave me lots of gifts, including a signed photo of Stephen Sondheim.
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Giles and Dimitri at their Magic Bar
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Three guys at Porta Bar. Dimitri gave me a little red, glass heart for my birthday.
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We packed our sandwiches and sailed to the magical island of Delos, home of the Hidden Cave and lemon slushies by the sea.
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We found frogs in the ancient pond and admired the lion statues. Some tourists referred to the anicent temples as "Old Greek sh*t,", which makes us laugh a dozen years later.
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Enjoying a sandwich at the temple of Hermes
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It's amazing that you can walk around among the ancient statues with no railings, fences, or guards.
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Two male pelicans and Katarina bar
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Nick chats with a fellow Geranium resident from San Diego.
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We took a gay cruise to Dragonissi, where we swam in the cove, drank too much ouzo, and met Luca....
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We also met German Thomas and other nice men on the trip and enjoyed lunch together. We promised to meet up the following day for dinner but everyone was too hungover, but we did eventually see some of them again.
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