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Vendee k9b
The castel of Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard) in Tiffauges

Vendee k4
In a medieval re-enactment, this armoured knight is lowered onto his horse.
Vendee k5
This man was in charge of the catapult.

Gilles de Rais, who lived in the early part of the fifteenth century, was said to be the inspiration for Perrault's fairytale character 'Bluebeard'. A military man, he was a lieutenant in the army of Charles VII and fought alongside Joan of Arc in many battles. Her subsequent fate affected him deeply and he never fought again after her death.

Gilles de Rais was a wealthy man and his marriage brought him even more money, yet all was easily consumed by his love of the high life. Parties, feasts and elaborate pageants left him penniless, and in such dire straits he turned to alchemy. Among his many misdeeds in this field, he was said to have murdered hundreds of young children in the belief that their blood could be turned to gold. Eventually brought to justice, Gilles de Rais was condemned to death by hanging in at Nantes in 1440.

- from Judy Smith's guidebook Vendeé & Charente-Maritime
Vendee k9
A sinister looking black knight
Vendee k1
The explanation was all in French.
 Vendee k8 Vendee k9c
Extra c Pouzauges.jpg
Another of Gilles de Rais' castles, at Pouzauges
extra d Pouzauges.jpg
Inside the Pouzauges castle
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Vendee o2
This bit of the Marais Poitevin is called 'Green Venice' because of the canals.
Vendee o3
This time, we were determined to rent a boat and row on the canals.
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Vendee p1
A nice, not-too-crowded beach
Vendee p2b
The lifeguard with the pert bottom
Vendee p2
Imagine our surprise when we discovered that naturists basked in the nearby woods!
Vendee p4
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Vendee q5
Our home base for this trip was a lovely farmhouse called La Fraudiere, owned by our lovely friends.
Vendee o5
These cream coloured cows moved from field to field around the house, sometimes grazing close to us while we ate outside.
Vendee i1
This meal featured margaritas and fried aubergines.

Vendee i2
Nick, fetching games and goodies. As in Rouen, each night, we saw bats flitting overhead while we ate.
Vendee i3
After dinner, we enjoyed our own version of Pass the Bomb (name places we've been on this trip, etc*. before the bomb explodes) as well as Trivial Pursuit and the Know Your Partner game.

*Funniest topic: 'Things to do with Neil'. I meant things associated with our friend Neil, but Nick misunderstood and started with "tie him up..."
Vendee o8
We have some lovely souvenirs from our visit: numerous jars of homemade apricot jam with fruit from the Challans market, boiled in our new copper pot by Nick.
Vendee o9
Meanwhile, I made jars of chrerries preserved in armagnac, made from a recipe from Joanne Harris's French Kitchen.
Vendee o6
The cherries, too, were bought in the Challans market. The finished product will last for 40 or more years!
Vendee p6
Nick did a lot of phoning during this trip, either to the RAC about car repairs, or, here, to his mother, who had been caught in the Cheltenham floods back in England.
Vendee q6
One of the neighbors built this mini version of Bazoges' donjon which serves as a good landmark for lost travellers.
Extra Bazoges 2.jpg
Bazoges has a famous medieval donjon, or castle keep.
Extra g Bazoges.jpg
The view of the herb garden from atop the donjon.
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Vendee u7
Luckily, our visit coincided with Bazoges' medieval festival, which held on the last Saturday of our stay.
Vendee t4

Vendee r1
Many of the townfolk dress in medieval garb and contribute to this spectacular event.
Bazoges extra.jpg
A dramatic re-enactment took place throughout the evening.
Bazoges extra b.jpg
The juggler, looking skyward towards his club
Bazoges extra f.jpg
There were displays of crafs and skills
Vendee r4b
Each of the villagers had their role or roles to play, including the poor woman who worked in the donjon's ticket office, who played the outcast all night.
Vendee r5

While some people got exciting parts such as knights and jugglers, this woman got stuck with offering cinnamon to people to sniff.
Vendee Goat
A Harry Potter-like man with his goat. Nick called this a wet underwear contest.
Vendee r9a
Creepy hooded monks
Vendee s1
Dextrous jugglers (hired by the town, we were told)
Vendee s3
I like this photo, which looks straight out of Monty Python
Vendee s5
A hunka hunka burnin' woodwork
Vendee s7
I try my hand at sawing.
Vendee s8
...and posing next to the horse.
Vendee s9
I admired this man's dedication to acting.
Vendee s9b
One of the hired actors, I believe, skilled at battle and cup holding
Vendee t5 Vendee t7
I became a bit camera happy with these two rough and sexy jokers, taking enough photos to merit a separate page. Click if you dare.
Hunk strip.jpg
Vendee s9c
A cute knight, who became "drunk" as the night wore on.
Vendee t3
Vendee t6
Hunka hunka again
Vendee u3
One of the audience, like us
Bazoges extra c.jpg
These knights put on a show on the head table's stage.
Bazoges extra e.jpg
We got a free tour of the donjon, or castle keep, where there were demonstrations of calligraphy, embroidery, dulcimer playing, and chess.
Bazoges extra d.jpg
We dined at long, communal tables. Here, Nick accepts dried and jellied fruits.
Vendee u8
Naughty Nick in the stocks
Vendee u9a
Fire eaters ended the night with excitement.
Vendee u9b
A round dance that we didn't join, but could have.
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