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Oysters, nudist beaches, wild animals, and Salt Boy awaited us on the fun day out to...
Ile de Noirmoutier
8 Noir B.jpg
We arrived at the Passage du Gois, a 4.5 km stretch of submersible roadway, to find that we had to wait hours for low tide, so we stopped to have a beer instead.
8 Noir Oyster.jpg
Our bingo cards dictated that we had to taste oysters, so this woman did all the hard work for us.
8 Noir oyster G.jpg
They weren't as gross as I thought they would be.
8 Noir oyster N.jpg
When, exactly, does the live oyster die...?
8 Noir Cute 1.jpg
This man sampled some after we did.
M Shirtless.jpg
He brought his own food.
8 Noir cyclists 2.jpg
Cyclists from the back.
8 Noir cyclists.jpg
And from the front.
8 Noir Gois 2.jpg
Here we are on the Passage du Gois, frustrated that we couldn't drive across to our destination.
8 Noir Gois G.jpg
I tried to walk.
8 Noir Gois N.jpg
The idea here is the Red Sea.
8 Noir Gois.jpg
One of the wonders of France
M G Wind.jpg
Just past the Port du Bec is a wind farm.
M N Eel.jpg
Nick had an unexpected adventure when he was summoned to help a fisherman pull in his huge eel from the canal.
M G Eel.jpg
Here I am, holding the captured eel, which was still VERY lively.
M G Donkey.jpg
Shaggy donkeys are native to the island.
M G Salt.jpg
Salt is a specialty of the area, and here, mounds of it can be seen drying in the sun.
M Salt Boy 1.jpg
Probably the highlight of our trip - shallow, I know - was Salt Boy, whom we summoned out of his little hut at lunchtime.
M Salt Boy 2.jpg
Dressed like this, we felt obliged to buy some of his salty products.
M Beach boy.jpg
Later, after finding another bridge onto the island, we headed to the beach, where men like this were waiting.
M Pinecones.jpg
On the way to the beach, Nick whacked some pinecones out of the trees.
M G Beach.jpg
A sunny day at the seaside
M Beach Man.jpg
More totty
M Vendee Jouets.jpg
Ubiquitous souvenirs
M N Stripes.jpg
Nick changed in the back of the car after our beach trip.
M Passage du Gois.jpg
On the way back, we were able to cross the Gois at low tide.
M B Windmill.jpg
Later, we stopped for this photo in Sallertaine. There's also one of us mooning the camera if you're interested...
M N Smile.jpg
Nick at sunset
M G Smile.jpg
And George at sunset
M N Duck.jpg
Also on the way home, we found this giant duck in Challans. When it's open, you can enter its mouth and slide out its bottom!
M B Mexican.jpg
Finally, to end our day, we had a nice Tex Mex meal in La Roche-sur-Yon, labelled "the dullest town in France" by a 19th century travel writer. It was our first time drinking cactus juice and eating chicken wings.

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