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Rain and terrorist threats didn't deter the 2007 Gay Pride celebrations in London. The flamboyant crowd marched from Bond Street to Trafalgar Square, and there were thousands of people in attendance. Enjoy the photos below.
A Einhorn
We got to London early so that we could visit Stephen Einhorn's shop in Islington, where we bought our commitment rings!
Our Civil Partnership ceremony is October, 2007
b Selfridges
We sampled expensive wine in Selfridge's new Wonderbar.
C Selfridges
Selfridge got into the spirit of the day.
D Float
Boys on a float. Reminds me of my stint as Ariel in Return to the Forbidden Planet.
E pouch boy
Is that a police thong he's wearing?
H Umbrella cutie
I liked the cute umbrella man.
J Kiltie
A kiltie fan. (Yes, look closely).
GT in kilt
The photo Ian took
F Pride man
Promoting body glitter.
G Pride boys
I Pride chariot pullers K Goofy
L Kilties
The Gay Gordons
M Centurion
Difficult to store one's mobile when dressed like this.
O Gay Superman
A covert Superman!
N Steeler
A big King's Cross Steeler
P Gay Sports
These guys won a championship football trophy.
Q Number 9
Number 9 had a lovely bottom.
R Number 9
S Freema
Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman, who plays Martha. For more of our Doctor Who photos, click HERE.
T Shiela
The girls from Sheila's Wheels
U Footies
That winning team again
V Graham Norton
Graham Norton was one of the hosts.
W Graham Norton
He seemed a bit preoccupied.
X Politicians
Two kindly politicians
Y John Barrowman
Doctor Who's and Torchwood's John Barrowman
z John Barrowman
Cute John again