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We celebrated nine years together by having our civil partnership ceremony on October 26th, 2007. After the official ceremony, we went to Paris, to exchange vows and rings at "our bench" beside the River Seine. Below are photos of our weekend.
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A big pic
At the risk of making us giggle during the ceremony, The music we had playing in the chapel was taken from the soundtrack of one of our favourite films (right), which is set in Mykonos. We whistle this tune as a way of getting each other's attention.
c Registry
Pretending to sign the register
D Looking up.jpg
Christine and Nick look for divine intervention
e George & Gillie
Gillie and George
b Gordon & Neil
Gordon and Neil, resplendant in tartan
f with Gordon & Neil
The wedding party
g Gay Wedding Cake
George's homemade wedding cake, with caricatures of us as bears. See other cakes HERE.
h Flowers
Flowers in the conservatory
i Ice Bowl
This ice bowl held a salad of beetroot, watercress, apples, and walnuts in curry vinaigrette
j Group.jpg
The guests enjoy food, if not comfort
k Gay wedding cake
Cutting the cake
Menu.jpg Salt Boy.jpg
Salt Boy
Neil champagne.jpg
Neil serves champagne
n candles
We decorated the conservatory
l photo
Gillie took a photo of our photo
q station.jpg
In the afternoon, we headed to the train station to take us to Waterloo and then onto Paris!
s Nick.jpg
Nick is wearing his boutonnière.
Cute man.jpg
This cute man was on the platform.
Banner Paris
After our "legal" ceremony back home, we wanted to have our "meaningful" ceremony with friends at our favourite anniversary spot, our bench on the end of the Ile St. Louis. We travelled with Gordon and Neil on the Eurostar (paid for with Nectar points!) and arrived in the Gare du Nord in time to enjoy a few drinks in the Marais area. Kate and Paul arrived the next day.

On Saturday, we went shopping for picnic food and champagne while our friends did some sightseeing. We met at 5.00 at our bench, and laid out the picnic. We each read Nine Special Things about each other, to signify our nine years together so far, then we exchanged rings. To make things even more perfect, the busker we remembered was there as we'd hoped, and we asked him to play La Vie en Rose, which he did.

We ended the evening in Montmartre, looking out over the city from the Sacre Coeur, then sharing drinks at an outdoor café.
The pefect day!
t house prices.jpg
In Paris, Nick and Gordon contemplate house prices.
u Skinny Neil.jpg
Neil looking svelte at breakfast time
v breakfast.jpg
Our first breakfast was at a charming Parisian café.
w pastries.jpg
Typically beautiful French pastries.
x museum.jpg

In the courtyard of a lovely, free museum.
y Qbert & Muscle bear.jpg
A mosaic of Q*bert by Invaderand a funny musle bear advertisement for Orangina.
za Cute French man.jpg
A cute man in the Madeleine area of Paris.
zb Fauchon dessert.jpg
Jewel-like desserts at Fauchon
zc Madeleine lunch.jpg
We had lunch in the Madeleine area before buying picnic food.
We spotted a cute fireman on his bike.
zd Fauchon man.jpg
Fauchon's parking attendant
Shopping for picnic food
zh Gordon & Neil.jpg
What an honour to be joined by Neil and Gordon at "our bench" on the Ile St. Louis
zi Paul & Kate.jpg
And Paul and Kate came, too!
zj Nick champagne
Nick pours the first of three bottles of Veuve Cliquot champagne.
zn Toasts.jpg
zk St Louis action
Kate and George by the Seine.
zl Fauchon.jpg
A tray of delicacies bought at Fauchon
zm Baguette Magique.jpg
George tucks into a "baguette magique"
Q Baguette Magiquezzc Baker
...baked by this cutie.
zo Kate.jpg
Kate took photos for us
zp Rings.jpg
We exchanged rings and vows on our ninth anniversary.
zq Rings.jpg
Our rings
zs Busker.jpg
One of the highlights: this man played
La Vie en Rose for us. Click HERE to hear it.

zr Wedding Party.jpg
A happy night
zt Notre Dame.jpg
Notre Dame at twilight. We saw bats!
zu Nick map.jpg
Nick finds the route to Montmartre
zv N&G Montmartre.jpg
Climbing the steps of Montmartre in kilts
zw Fanny Look.jpg
A funny children's clothes shop
zx Neil cute.jpg
Gordon provides breakfast for Neil
zy Museum.jpg
The peaceful entry to the Musée de la Vie Romantique, one of Paris's best kept secrets
zz Museum.jpg
Inside the museum gates.
zf Pompidou Elf.jpg
A performer at the Pompidou Centre
zzb Horologie
A clock near the Pompidou Centre
zg Chocolate mushrooms.jpg
Chocolate mushrooms! See our passion for mushrooms HERE
zzd Clown
Cute graffiti
zze wedding
Creepy carved door
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Click on one of the images above to see George's gift to Nick

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