Choosing to visit Austria in the summer was largely a matter of "where can we fly from our local aiport", but the country turned out to be a wonderland of fun things to see and do. Our visit mainly concentrated on Salzburg, with great emphasis on The Sound of Music, the Salzkammergut mountain area, and Vienna. As always, we provided each other with Bingo cards of things to find. If you want to see us wearing the same clothes in a different location, click HERE to see photos from last summer's holiday in France.
Banner Salzburg

Salzburg Xtra p.jpg
Exactly the beautiful landscape we imagined.

Salzburg a.jpg
Gnomes greeted us on the first day we arrived, which is a good thing, because our luggage had been lost at the airport.
Salzburg Xtra a.jpg
Our first residence was the Pension Elisabeth in Salzburg, where previoius guests are known to leave naughty things in rooms.

Salzburg ac.jpg
Soon after we arrived, we walked into town and had a picnic of meatloaf sandwiches in Mirabell garden. Much of The Sound of Music was filmed here, we learned on our tour.
Salzburg Xtra f.jpg
A beautiful church at sunset.
Salzburg af.jpg
The Festung Hohensalzburg - Salzburg's fortress
Salzburg ag.jpg
Many shops hang these elaborate signs out front.
Salzburg aga.jpg
A cool Minotaur, reminiscent of the opera we saw.
Salzburg Xtra i.jpg
Another glorious building
Salzburg agb2.jpg
The house where Josef Mohr, composer of Stille Nacht (Silent Night) was born
Salzburg Xtra e.jpg
Colourful peppers in Salzburg's Thursday market
Salzburg Xtra g.jpg
We were delighted to find Eierschwammerl (girolles/chanterelles) in the market. We love finding wild mushrooms.
Salzburg a market Salzburg Xtra o.jpg
Salzburg b accordion.jpg
A friendly accordionist in Mirabell gardens.
Salzburg au.jpg
The sometimes elusive Saint Sebastien
Salzburg Xtra l.jpg
The view from the window the the shop where we bought our Christmas ornament. We collect them from all our travels.
This is the ornament we bought in Salzburg.
Salzburg av.jpg
What a huge balalaika!
Salzburg aw.jpg
Austrian souvenirs
Salzburg az.jpg
Eating authentic Sacher torte from the Sacher Hotel was one of my ultimate goals.
Salzburg az2.jpg
Don't tell Sacher, but the Demel Café in Vienna makes a better version. The two places are great rivals.
Salzburg aza.jpg
I bought my Austrian hat at a nice shop in Salzburg. It's to go with my lederhosen back home. A small girl called me "a hunter" during our trip.
Salzburg Xtra b.jpg
This is the "Do, Re, Mi" bridge from The Sound of Music (see our tour page). Locals know it as the Mozart bridge.

Salzburg j Ball.jpg
An authentic Mozartkugel - a chocolate and marzipan treat that originated in Salzburg. These silver ones are the original ones, not the more common red and gold wrapped ones. Just so you know.
Salzburg k Superman.jpg
A shy Superman to add to my collection. His shirt is from Mykonos! We have restful "Mykonos Days" at home, which means treating home like a holiday.
Salzburg f.jpg
Inside the Festung Hohensalzburg
Salzburg g.jpg
A torture mask - we figure it humiliated the wearer.
Salzburg l bikes.jpg
Hiring cycles was liberating, and we zoomed around the city like the locals, including getting caught in a torrential thunderstorm!
Salzburg i lake.jpg
We cycled about an hour to Waldsee, a lake where not everyone wears swimsuits...
Salzburg Xtra s.jpg
A volleyball player at Waldsee.
Salzburg n Bakery.jpg
We found the city's oldest bakery by following a tour group.
Salzburg m.jpg
Another fun shop sign
Cute lederhosen.jpg
We saw several men actually wearing lederhosen on our trip.
Salzburg o.jpg
Some of the best music we heard was by this busker.
Salzburg p.jpg
Lots of couples got married on the day we were in Mirabell gardens. See our own wedding photos HERE.
Salzburg q.jpg
We saw Ramacher & Einfalt's exhibit in Mirabell Gardens. Like the Hairy Bikers, but in lederhosen.
Ramacher 2.jpg
Salzburg r.jpg
We took a day trip past the salt mines, but didn't go in.
Salzburg Xtra t.jpg
The river was full from the recent rains.
Salzburg s.jpg
A view of the German mountains where Hitler's Eagle's Nest was.
Salzburg t.jpg
Nick had to "feed the ducks" for his Bingo card.
Salzburg u.jpg
Beside the beautiful lake
Salzburg Xtra m.jpg
A local dog peers out.
Salzburg Xtra c.jpg Salzburg v.jpg
Salzburg w.jpg
The figures on this window are monkeys, reputedly put there by the artist as an act of revenge on the patron who refused to pay.
Salzburg x.jpg
Simpler than the one I used to play.
Salzburg y.jpg
Berchtesgaden, Germany
Salzburg Xtra r.jpg
Salzburg at twilight
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