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We returned to France earlier than usual, expecting to spend two and a half weeks at our friends' farmhouse in the Vendeé; however, car trouble stranded us in Rouen for four days. We made the most of our time there, marvelling at fireworks on Bastille Day, watching the magical projections on the cathedral in Rouen, gaping at the ancient tapestry in Bayeux, and avoiding the tides at Mont St. Michel. Sadly, our camera was stolen later in the trip, so we don't have many personal photos from the first few days.

For photos from our last trip to the Vendeé, click HERE. For 2006 France holiday photos, click HERE.

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A hot builder in Rouen
Vendee a
Our one and only photo from Mont St Michel. We arrived just before the tide came back, and worried the whole time that our rental car would be submerged when we got back.
Bayeux 2
Detail from the Bayeux tapestry, over 900 years old, which details the Norman invasion of 1066. We speculated about the many naked men shown on the bottom of the tapestry.
Rouen 1b.jpg
We enjoyed lying on the cobbled stones and watching these images projected onto Rouen's cathedral, as bats flitted overhead.
Rouen 2.jpg
The images were taken from Monet's paintings, as well as this one, from Roy Lichtenstein, and were accompanied by an atmospheric musical score.
A memorable experience we don't have photos of was our Bastille Day lunch beside the river, where lots of elderly couples danced to live music on a narrow strip of asphalt. dancing14
One day, we drove to Giverny, home of impressionist painter Claude Monet and his often painted bridge.
Here is one of Monet's paintings.
Monet's house.
Monet's kitchen was my favourite room.
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The hotel's (rather cute) manager helped us dig through the rubbish, looking for the money. We found the empty envelope, but the money was gone.
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Vendee e2
The day we arrived in the Vendeé, the Bearmobile broke down again and had to be towed away.
Vendee e
The tow truck driver. The car stayed away for repair for over a week, so we got a nice Audi rental car (with air conditioning).
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Vendee f
Our visit to Challens coincided with the Festival Autrefois, when the whole town dresses up in old time costumes and demonstrates crafts and foods from the 1910s.
Vendee f2
A wooden sculpture in Challans
Vendee f3
A woman making waffles.
Vendee f4
Weaving folk decorations using grass from the nearby marshes.
Vendee f6
Old time car and movie camera
Vendee f7
This school for accordionists reminded me of The Village of the Damned.
Vendee f8
Vendee f9
Weaving Boy
Vendee o1
Seen in the Challans market
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M Salt Boy 2
We met the mythical "Salt Boy" on our 2005 trip to the Vendeé. He was in charge of some salt flats on Noirmoutier island, and we bought some of his salt, as well as tasting some samphire he picked for us from the water's edge.
Vendee g2
We think of Salt Boy pretty much every time we use salt, and we felt we had to seek him out two years later. Sadly, his stall was shut down and for sale, with no sign of him anywhere. We explored his little hut and Nick found a souvenir pencil.
Vendee g3
We also collected samphire at the water's edge.
Vendee h1
We cooked the samphire and ate it for dinner back home that night, a fitting tribute to Salt Boy.
Vendee g4
Here we are, in front of the disused shack where we bought our salt two years ago.
M Salt Boy 1
Salt Boy, 2005
Vendee g5
...and Oyster Man, 2007
Vendee g6
The Gois is a small strip of land that connects Noirmoutier to the mainland. It is only accessible a couple of hours a day at low tide. Here, we see people digging for shell fish.
Vendee g8
I liked this man's Popeye shirt.
Vendee beach.jpg
Nick on the Noirmoutier beach. We got lost in the woods later.
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Vendee h2
Nick asked a local lady to guide us to the toilet
Vendee h3
The medieval market hall in Clisson
Vendee h4
Clisson's church
Vendee h6
Why don't our builders look after themselves like the French?
Vendee h7
On the steps of Clisson's church

Vendee h9
One of the three windmills at Le Mont des Alouettes used for signalling in the Vendeé wars
Vendee ha
Nick in stained glass light

Vendee hb
The heart with cross (and sometimes crown) are Vendeé's symbol. We searched in vain for a wooden heart for our wall.
Vendee j1
A cute fruit seller
Vendee j2
A cute cheese seller
Extra a.jpg
The church at St-Michel-Mont Mercure.
Extra b.jpg
The steeple provides the highest point of the Vendeé, at 290m (950 ft) Nick climbed all the way up!
Extra f Reamur.jpg
We spontaneously bought tickets to hear a recital of Renaissance songs in Réaumur.
Extra e Reamur.jpg
We were surprised to find this garden oasis in the rather dusty town, named after the French scientist Réaumur.
Vendee j3
As all the French do, we picnicked at 12.30.

Vendee j4
The mushroom museum gave us some useful insight to our own mushroom hunting.
Vendee p9
Artichokes in Fontenay's Saturday market. We were sad that morning because our camera had been stolen in Nantes- this photo was taken with the new one we bought - and we thought we'd lost all of our holiday photos. I found the disk in my pocket about an hour later, to much relief.
Vendee p9a
The canal in Fontenay-le-Comte

Vendee p9b
A wood seller
Vendee q1
The Melusine mermaid atop the tower in Vouvant. For more photos of Vouvent, CLICK HERE.
Vendee q3
A sculpture, mid river, in Voutant
Vendee q4
Two men consult their Spartacus guide...
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