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The final destination of our Austrian holiday was the capital city of Vienna, home of the Strauss waltz, glorious artwork, and wonderful cakes! If you missed our photos from earlier in the trip, click HERE. If it's The Sound of Music you're after, click HERE.

Click HERE to see our most recent trip to Vienna, Christmas 2022.
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One of the first things we did in Vienna was ride the famous Riesenrad Ferris wheel, which is featured in our beloved Before Sunrise as well as The Third Man.
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Our lovely, spacious Design Apartment was home for the week. It is highly recommended!
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We ate our meals and relaxed on our own balcony, sometimes plagued by wasps and the noisy neighbors on the street below, but peaceful all the same. We think we saw a shooting star one night.
Design Apartment 1.jpg
Other views of our apartment
Design Apartment 2.jpg
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A homecooked meal of pasta and Steinpilz (porcini). You can actually buy the mushrooms in the underground!
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On August 16th, there was a partial lunar eclipse.
Vienna e.jpg
Our first full day, we visited the Museumsquartier.
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Our favourite was the Leopoldmuseum, where this cheery Klimt painting resides.
My favourite artist discovered at the Leopold was Egon Schiele, who was only 28 when he died.
We also discovered the work of brilliant but tragic Richard Gerstl in the Leopoldsmuseum and later saw his work at the Belvedere.
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The Nachtsmarkt was stuffed with exciting foods, including a kit to make Jamie Oliver's curry.
Vienna u.jpg
A Viennese Space Invader to add to my collection!
Vienna s.jpg
We just missed buying the 1930s Art Deco vase when a woman beat us to it while we were deliberating. A lesson learned.
Klimt f.jpg
The Secession Building houses Klimt's glorioius Beethoven Frieze.
Klimt e.jpg
We saw more Klimt, including Judith II and The Kiss, at The Belvedere
Vienna z2d.jpg
Inside The Belvedere
Vienna z2f.jpg
Karlskirche in reflection
Vienna j.jpg
Hundertwasser's funky columns in the park
Vienna k.jpg
Hundertwasserhaus, where people actually live
Vienna i2.jpg
Apartment size is shown by rows of tiles.
Vienna l.jpg
Appreciating the Hundertwasser style
Vienna Panda.jpg
We saw pandas eating at the Schönbrunn Zoo!
Vienna q.jpg
And a buoyant polar bear
Vienna n.jpg
The Neptune fountain at Schönbrunn
Vienna s2.jpg
Schönbrunn palace in the background

Vienna p.jpg
A fun streudel demonstration was a highlight for us.

Vienna p2.jpg
We got caught in the rain, as did he.
Vienna m.jpg
Outside Schönbrunn palace
Vienna o.jpg
And inside
Vienna z3l.jpg
Vienna v.jpg
Some Viennese text messengers
Vienna w.jpg
Adolf Loos' American Bar
Vienna z2.jpg
An array of cakes at Café Demel
Vienna z.jpg
We had streudel and chocolate cake
Vienna y2.jpg
Vienna z3c.jpg
A window dispaly in the Spittelberg area.
Vienna s3.jpg
We had applejuice spritzer with our lunch.
Vienna z3d.jpg
Another fanciful chair, like Hallstatt's
Vienna z2a.jpg
Ornaments on display in a shop window
We couldn't resits this lad in lederhosen.
Vienna z3m.jpg
A bunker left over from the war
Vienna z2g.jpg
Etched glass at Sigmund Freud's old house.
Vienna z3.jpg
We enjoyed visiting the Freud museum.
Vienna z2c.jpg
Strolling along the Danube, where naturists lurk
Vienna z3f.jpg
I remember those days!
Vienna z3g.jpg
Flowers on sale
Vienna z3h.jpg
A very Soviet looking statue
Vienna z3e.jpg
The famous Johann Strauss statue
Vienna z3j.jpg
Nick mails a postcard to his mother.
Vienna z3k.jpg
Rainbow flags outside the Löwenherz bookshop and the Café Berg
Vienna z3i.jpg
Hofburg palace
Vienna x.jpg
Swarovski crystals originated in Austria (as do Red Bull and Crocs!).
Vienna z3b.jpg
The Anker Uhr, which parades historical figures as each hour chimes
Vienna z3a.jpg
Seen in a shop window

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