Nick had a surprise treat for his birthday in 2010: a trip to Paris and a meal at a fancy restaurant. Click HERE to see photos from past birthdays, or HERE to see photos of our last trip to Paris (and Italy and Madrid).
January Paris k
Sacre Couer is always on the itinerary
January Paris v
As is buying a crepe in Montmartre
January Paris e
The basilica from below
January Paris x
A street entertainer
January Paris d
Testing the new camera lens
January Paris y
A street spectator
January Paris t
The steps ascending Montmartre
January Paris j
Christmas tree still at Notre Dame
January Paris s
I love the art noveau metro signs
January Paris zb
We went to an installation called Personnes by Christian Boltanski at the Grand Palais
January Paris ze
No, Nick wasn't ill. We both took part in the artist's Archives du Coeur, in which heartbeats are collected and stored on a remote Japanese island.
January Paris zc
The staircase at the Grand Palais
January Paris zd
Doing our Evita impressions
January Paris l
Personnes featured a huge heap of clothing dropped by a crane.
January Paris h
Contemplating a Sampson moment
January Paris zjNick by the pillar
January Paris i
Contributing to the Archives du Coeur
January Paris zf
Does he eat croissants, too?
 January Paris w
A statue on the Grand Palais
January Paris zg
I will make macaroons one day.
January Paris zi
A huge promotional sign for the police
January Paris zh
One of Paris's many artworks
January Paris b
We went to the flea market early
January Paris c
There was still snow on the ground
January Paris p
Treasures in the flea market
January Paris m
On "our bench", where we said our vows in 2007
January Paris zk2
At Notre Dame, with the Christmas tree in the background
January Paris a
On our first night there, this ice skater enjoyed showing off for us.
January Paris n
The view from the Ile St. Louis, our favourite spot in Paris
January Paris o
A carousel near the Hôtel de Ville
January Paris u
Nick in Montmartre
January Paris z
On Saturday night, we hit the town for a celebratory meal.
January Paris f
This T-Rex was crashing out of the adjacent museum window.
January Paris za
More Space Invader sightings.
January Paris g
The amazing three-star restaurant, Lasserre, where we ate.
January Paris q
A boulangerie in Paris
January Paris r
We went to a secluded museum one afternoon.
January snow a
Also in January, we got loads of snow back home.
January snow b
January snow c January snow d
January snow e
January snow f January Burns a
Neil at the Burns Night party
January Burns b
Gordon on Burns Night
January Burns c
Nick and Gordon
January Burns d
With Kath

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