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A few times, in big cities, I have noticed these striking mosaic Space Invaders lurking high up on building walls. This trip, we spotted quite a few of them, which I photographed and researched when I got home. Taken from Wikipedia:

Space Invaders has also inspired a form of street art, championed in particular by a French artist named "Invader". He is anonymous. Using ceramic tiles, Invader cements together mosaic images inspired of traditional Space Invaders aliens, bonus spaceships, and variations on those themes, sometimes including characters from the Pac-Man series, Super Mario series, and other video games. Most of the mosaics tiles are small and others are as large as murals. The mosaics are cemented onto building walls, lamp post bases, and other structures. The form has spread throughout the world since the 1990s, among more than 30 cities over 5 continents, Invader is still in activity. Some of the thousands of individual Invaders have been documented with photographs on Invader's website.

Later, in 2007, I was amazed to see an exhibition of Invader's work in a gallery in Greek street. He charges thousands of pounds just to sponsor an "attack", so I won't be owning a real one any time soon.
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Space invader q.jpg
zzc Paris l.jpg
Visiting the Paris Space Invader in 2008
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Space Invader London.jpg
He Space Invader
Hd Space Invader.jpg
At the Homomonument in Amsterdam
y Qbert
Q*bert in Paris
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At the Nachtsmarkt in Vienna
January Paris za
Seen in Paris in 2010
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London 2011
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