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Nick's birthday treat in 2009 was a surprise trip to the Bath Priory Hotel with Michelin starred meals prepared by chef Chris Horridge, whom we first saw on TV's Great British Menu. Click HERE to see Nick's canal boat birthday in 2008.
Nick's birthday is January 25th, the same as Robbie Burns.
Nick Bday a
In the drawing room of the Bath Priory Hotel
Nick Bday c
The exterior of the lovely hotel.
Nick Bday e
This is the table where we sat for our first evening meal.
Nick Bday d
The room where we ate our petit fours.
Nick Bday f
A carved figure on the bench.
Nick Bday g
In the hotel's garden, next to a 326 year old cedar tree.
Nick Bday h
Nick Bday k
This totem pole was in the city park.
Nick Bday l
Nick Bday n
A tradesman at the farmer's market.
Nick Bday p
Who would have thought we'd encounter two men in G-strings eating fire outside the historic pump rooms?
Nick Bday w
Bath's cathedral
Nick Bday zb
In honour of Nick's birthday (yes, that's a sparkler).
Nick Bday zd
The sparkler is still lit!
Nick Bday zf
Nick Bday zg Nick Bday zi
Nick Bday zj Nick Bday zk
Two men being photographed by their partners.
Nick Bday zl
Nick Bday zm
Our hotel supplied us with fluffy robes
Nick Bday zo
We had the pool to ourselves.
Nick Bday t
Champagne on Night 2
Nick Bday zp
The drawing room at night
Nick Bday u
This salad had 15 different vegetables in in. Click HERE to read a full description of the food we were served.
Nick Bday zq
Our dessert
Nick Bday zs
Cured duck around butternut squash pureé
Nick Bday zt
Foams are "in". We loved the little Mason jars.
Nick Bday zv
Our chef, Chris Horridge.
I was so keen to meet Chris Horridge throughout our entire stay. I asked at reception if we could speak to him, and they said he would come to see us after our meal that evening. We waited for him in the drawing room, and he came out at about 10.00, reeking of fried food and sweat, but full of enthusiasm for his delcious, heathly food. He spoke to us passionately about food science and his plans for the future at Clivedon, near Maidenhead, Berkshire, where he is going to have his own restaurant. I don't know if he thought we were food critics or what, but it was an honour to meet the man who has inspired us so much with his cooking.
Nick Bday zx
Chris Horridge in his trademark hat
Nick Bday zr
Back home, Nick had a German chocolate cake to eat.
Nick Bday zz
As in 2006and 2002, we were invited to Gordon and Neil's Burns Night celebrations.
Nick Bday zza
Once again, Neil shows us how to sit wearing a kilt.
Nick Bday zzb Nick Bday zzc
Nick Bday zzd Nick Bday zy
Nick Bday zze

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