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We celebrated our tenth year anniversary together with an exciting trip to three European locations: the Alba truffle region of Northern Italy, Madrid, and Paris. This was also the first anniversary of our wedding, so our gifts could be both tin and paper, as observed by tradition.
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ze Villazh Villa2
Luxury, thy name is La Villa Hotel in Mombaruzzo, Italy. We definitely hope to stay here again one day!
b La Villa
Antique furnishings in La Villa Hotel
c Shoes
Converse trainers were on my bingo card
f Balloon seller
A balloon seller in Alba
e Angry chestnut seller
I call this Angry Chestnut Seller
h Alba cutie
An Alba visitor
n Nick
Nick outside one of Alba's shops
i Alba churchg Truffles
Our visit to Alba coincided with the world famous truffle fair.
k Alba

l Alba
Flag tossers were part of a truffle celebration
m Alba

j Sheep o Alba
q Albar Alba
s Alba.jpg t Alba u Alba
v Alba za Nick w Alba
z Alba y Alba
Yellowban zs Vegetable
This vegetable was popular in the Italian markets in October. I have no idea what it is called.
zc Alba zd Alba zb Alba
zf Truffle zg Ping Pong
We bought a truffle at the Alba truffle fair and took it to our local pizzeria, La Mistral, where we shaved it over our pasta.
zj Villa
Room service and wonderful breakfasts were the norm at La Villa Hotel.
zi Villa
We found a shaggy ink cap mushroom.
zk Villa
The lounge of La Villa
zl Truffle hound
The truffle hound arrives!
zn Truffle houndzm Truffle
The highlight of our visit to Alba was a truffle hunt with Mario and his dog, Rocky, who sniffed out several small truffles underneath oak trees.
zo Amarettizp Amaretti
Eating amaretti biscuits at the founding bakery in Mombaruzzo
 zr Cute man zt steam
A natural hot water spring.
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Nick's business took us to Madrid for a couple of days, including Halloween night. We bought our weight's worth of turron there.
zu Churros man
A fellow churros eater
zvGlass house.jpg

zw Tiles.jpg

zu Madrid jogger zx Bear zy Boots
zz Tiles.jpg zza Bear.jpg zzb Cute cop2

Banner Paris2
Our third stop was Paris, where we have spent many past anniversaries

zzc Paris uzzc Paris f
zzc Paris l zzc Paris zg
We always like to spot the Space Invaders on our travels. Not sure if this Oscar the Grouch is the same artist.
zzc Paris a.jpg
Obama mania hits Paris
zzc Paris d
Gordon joined us on the Seine
zzc Paris e
Neil, too. They were also at our wedding.
zzc Paris bzzc Paris h
This is the spot where we always drink Veuve Cliquot champagne and toast our lives together.
zzc Paris g zzc Paris c
zzc Paris s
At the Louvre

zzc Paris j
A lovely candlelit restaurant on the
Ile St. Louis
zzc Paris o
An impractical Parisian broom

zzc Paris i zzc Paris m  
zzc Paris rzzc Paris n
We love Sunday mornings in Paris, usually eating at the Pain Quotidien.
zzc Paris q zzc Paris p  
zzc Paris t zzc Paris ze zzc Paris v
zzc Paris w zzc Paris z
We have a photo of these Montmartre steps in our garden studio. A lovely return visit to our bench on the Ile St Louis
zzc Paris x

zzc Paris y

zzc Paris za
Nick has had an urge to buy an entire candied pineapple from this shop.
zzc Paris zbzzc Paris zc
And we finally bought one! We also bought a truffle from the Maison de la Truffe, something we've wanted to do for years.
zzc Paris zd
zzc Paris zf
Some day, we're going to ride through the streets of Paris on one of these.
zzc Paris zh
Our truffle, flavouring eggs and risotto rice

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