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My birthday usually falls on a week long break from work, so the celebrations last far longer than just one day. In 2009, the excitement went on for three weeks! Click HERE to see photos from last year's birthday.
George 2.jpg
This wisteria plant was a birthday gift from Nick in 2004.
B London
George travelled to London the week before his birthday to meet a friend.
C London

F Bakery.jpg

E Sign
Publicity for my friend's book signing
Rox montage.jpg
With college chum Roxanne, who writes under the name Rachel Caine
Cute man i
Seen in Camden. If such photos interest you, click HERE for (LOTS) more.
A delicious breakfast on birthday morning
May bridge.jpg
On the long pier near our house
Birthday h.jpg
Waiting for the train to London
Birthday j.jpg
Our favourite burger joint, Ed's
Birthday i.jpg
We got tickets for opening night of "Hamlet".

Jude Law a2.jpg
The star was Jude Law. Click HERE for lots of photos at the stage door and beyond!
Birthday m.jpg
I wanted a sausage McMuffin for a birthday treat. Nick declined on moral grounds.
Birthday n
A cool art deco department store
London Boat.jpg
Boating on the Serpentine
Birthday r.jpg
In Green Park
London park.jpg
Wildlife in Green Park
Cute London hd.jpg
More wildlife in Green Park. Click HERE to see more photos like this.
Birthday q.jpg
Those pedaloes (a word I've never typed before) are hard work!
Birthday t.jpg
We saw "The 39 Steps" on Sunday.

London c.jpg
I made my grandmother's German Chocolate cupcakes for my birthday treat.
Birthday v.jpg
Nick found someone taller than him.

I voted for the very first time as a British citizen this week. We also enjoyed picking strawberries.
Birthday w.jpg
An omelet made with fresh morel mushrooms from Fortnum and Mason.
Garlic farm 2.jpg
My birthday surprise from Nick was a trip to the Isle of Wight. We last visited in 2003. Here, I am holding chocolate, chili, and garlic ice cream!
Birthday IOW c1
We stayed at the luxurious Hambrough Hotel in Ventnor.
Birthday IOW fa
Our room had a breathtaking view of the sea.

Robert Thompson f.jpg
Chef Robert Thompson made our meals.

Robert Thompson is the youngest (and cutest) chef ever to be awared a Michelin star.
Birthday IOW ea
Near our hotel
Birthday IOW c2
Rooftops near the beach where we walked
Birthday IOW ed
Nick in our luxurious bedroom
Birthday IOW dBirthday IOW d3
We had this clifftop all to ourselves to enjoy Robert Thompson's picnic lunch of quail and girolles salad, lobster and mango, gazpacho, focaccia and walnut bread, homemade vegetable crisps, strawberry tarts, and Pimms cocktails.
Birthday IOW d9cBirthday IOW d6
A lighthouse and a deserted beach were ours to enjoy.
Birthday IOW d7Birthday IOW d8b
Birthday IOW d9b Birthday IOW d8 Birthday IOW d9
Birthday IOW eb Birthday IOW d9d
Men in kilts are always a pleasant surprise.
Our bath tub afforded a view of the sea.
Our evening meal included gazpacho (again) but this time with celery granité and local island vodka, pressed wood pigeon and fois gras with pickled girolles, John Dory and lobster ravioli, chocolate fondant, and a cheese course we had later in our room. Each course was served with a different wine and I was sloshed by the end of the evening. We took a walk along the sea front for some fresh air.
Birthday IOW gbBirthday IOW g4b
Next day at the seafront and breakfast in our room. We first had fluffy white dressing gowns in Wales, later in Italy, and now here!
Birthday IOW hj

Birthday IOW he
Our next stop was the Bembridge Windmill.
Birthday IOW hi

Birthday IOW hfBirthday IOW hl
Birthday IOW iBirthday IOW ib
Next, we visited the Brading Roman Villa. We saw similar ruins at Bignor in 2008.
Finally, we went to Queen Victoria's holiday home, Osborne House.
Back home, we decided to re-create our picnic on The Common.
Picnic b
Homemade rhubarb meringue tarts

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