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May 29th is Rupert Everett's birthday. Hence the photo above. My birthday also falls on the same day and, since it falls during a week break from work, we spend the whole week celebrating with food, fun, and travel. Click HERE to see photos from past birthdays.
N Breakfast
The traditional breakfast my grandmother would have made
G Cloister
At Salisbury Cathedral on the day
B Cathedral
This image reminds me of Peter Greenaway's A Zed and Two Noughts.
N Cloister
Nick in the arches
Figs B Champagne
G Cake 2
Making my grandmother's German Chocolate cake
G Gifts
Showered with gifts
One of my gifts
G Cereals
Nick found American cereal for me
G Cake 4
Blowing out the candles (don't count)
The next weekend, we went to London!
One of our favourite places to eat: Ed's Easy Diner in Old Compton Street
On Friday, we saw Pedro Almodóvar's Bad Education, starring the luscious Gael García Bernal, who was often naked in Y tu mamá también.
B Starbucks
We breakfasted at Starbucks
N St Pauls
At the Tate Modern, right near our hotel
Hopper 1.jpg
We saw the comprehensive Edward Hopper exhibition at the Tate
B London
On the Thames
Hopper 2.jpg
Hopper's famous Nighthawks was impressive in real life and close up.
A cute saleman in Covent Garden
Pecan pie
We found this pie at a wonderful deli.
G Aussie 2 .jpg
What did I buy myself in London?

Nick bought me this wisteria plant for my birthday. This photo was taken a couple of years later, after it (and I) had matured. Wisteria is my favourite scent.

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