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My birthday fell during an unusually sunny three week period in May, 2009. All the photos of cute men featured on this page were taken during that time. Click HERE to return to my main birthday page and HERE to see my photos of Jude Law in London.
Cute man a Cute man b Cute man c
Cute man d Cute man e Cute man f
Cute man g Cute man i Cute man j
Cute man k Cute man l Cute man m
Cute man n Cute man o Cute man p
Cute man q Cute man r Cute man s
Cute man t Cute man u Cute London a.jpg
Cute London c Cute London d Cute London e
Cute London f Cute London fa Cute London g
Cute London ha Cute London hc2 Cute London hd
Cute London i Cute London n Cute London o
Cute London mm
Cute London bCute London h
Cute London jCute man h
Cute London kCute London l
Cute London p Cute London q Birthday IOW ic
Picnic a Picnic d Picnic c
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