Easter is a time to relax and enjoy some time off work. I had many cakes to make, and Nick did gardening work, but we still found time to eat nice meals outside and to visit places of interest.


Banner Mottisfont
L Mottisfont
The main building is a13th-century former priory.
I Mottisfont G&N
There is a circular river walk.
B Mottisfont reflections T Mottisfont statue.jpg
D Mottisfont G&N E Mottisfont Nick
A Monet-like bridge, where we played the world's quickest game of Pooh Sticks.
F Mottisfont trees
The old trees were fabulous.
H Mottisfont flowers
M Mottisfont Nick K Mottisfont George
J Mottisfont Nick G Mottisfont George
N Mottisfont G
This seemed like a chapel for buried pets.
O Mottisfont N
There were tombstones from the 1800s.
P Mottisfont Floor Q Mottisfont Statue
U Mottisfont cellar
The cellar beneath the abbey
X Mottisfont
V Mottisfont font
The actual font at Mottisfont.
Y Mottisfont flower
R Mottisfont tree S Mottisfont flowers


Banner Shipley
We've been wanting to visit Shipley Windmill, in Sussex, for a long time, mainly because it sometimes serves as the quirky dwelling of TV's loveable crime solver/magician, Jonathan Creek.
Jonathan Creek
Caroline Quentin and Alan Davies in the TV series
Jonathan Creek cover.jpg
Our favourite DVD set
A clip of Jonathan Creek's bottom
Jonathan Creek 4
Standing on the same balcony where Jonathan dined in the Mother Redcap episode.
Jonathan Creek 9b
Jonathan Creek 5 Jonathan Creek 6
Jonathan Creek cutie 3
Shortly after I photographed this Cute Dad, I fell down the steps inside the windmill.
Jonathan Creek 7 Jonathan Creek 9
Banner Petworth
Just up the road from Shipley Windmill is Petworth House, we exercised our new National Trust membership by visiting the house that features The Trust's largest art collection.
Petworth 1.jpg
It was Easter Monday, and there was an Alice in Wonderland theme for kids.
Petworth 2.jpg
Petworth 3.jpg Petworth 4.jpg
Petworth 5.jpg
Turner painted the house and some of his works are inside
Petworth 6.jpg

These photos were taken from the National Trust's website.
Petworth 7.jpg
Intricate wooden carvings by Grinling Gibbons in the Carved Room
Petworth 8.jpg
Another view of the carved room, with many newly restored paintings
Banner Wales
The final journey of our Easter holidays was to visit the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales. Our main destination was Skomer island, which is home to the puffins that Nick has always wanted to see. On our way there, we visited other fun and interesting places. To see our other visit to Wales, including Cardiff, click HERE.
Wales a Nick.jpg
Nick negotiated the perilous path at Aberdulais Falls.
Wales b.jpg
More remote and beautiful was the area near Henrhyd Falls.
Wales c Waterfall.jpg
Henrhyd Falls is South Wales' highest waterfall.
Wales d.jpg
I liked the old tree beside the water.
Wales e.jpg Wales f.jpg
We sought out the Tudor Merchant's House in Tenby, but it was closed on Saturdays.
Wales g
Imitating Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time video
Wales h.jpg
Pembroke Castle, birthplace of the first Tudor king
Wales i.jpg
The Stackpole Estate includes eight miles of cliffs.
Wales j.jpg
Wales k.jpg
Wales l.jpg
This tatooed dad was having a great time with his daughter.
Wales m.jpg Wales n.jpg
Wales o.jpg
This was the sweetest posh boy, who was visiting with his elderly female relatives, with whom he was charming and polite.
Wales q.jpg
He seemed delighted to strip down to his American Eagle boxer shorts and dash into the waves.
Wales p.jpg Wales r.jpg
Wales s.jpg
A bird snacking on leftover crumble at the National Trust café.
Wales u.jpg
We stayed in a wonderful bed & breakfast called Over the Rainbow, near the Cardigan coast
Wales t.jpg
Our room was the sumptuous and coveted Fuji room, with its huge round window, a definite selling point for this house!
Wales zc.jpg
The boat to Skomer island
Wales w.jpg
We saw this black bunny on the isle of Skomer
Wales x
The Wick, on Skomer, is home to a puffin colony
Wales y
We finally saw puffins after the fog cleared
Wales z.jpg
The Neck, a narrow strip of land leading to the peninsula.
Wales za
Richard was one of the island's many helpful employees.

Wales v.jpg
He told us lots about the island's wildlife, including the mysterious, nocturnal, Manx Shearwater. If I ever write a crime novel, that's going to the the name of my detective.
Wales zb.jpg
During our last hour on the island, we spotted this playful and inquisitive grey seal. We also saw porpoises during our return boat journey.

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