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We attended the premiere performance of Jude Law playing Hamlet at the Wyndham Theatre in London on my birthday, May 29th, in 2009. All day long, I nervously worried about whether or not I'd be able to get his autograph like my favourite, Meryl Streep. We even bought a special silver pen for the occasion (it ended up smudging ink all over the program, but that adds to the memories). Click HERE to see what else I did on my birthday.
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Nick took these photos while George waited for Jude Law to sign our program.
Birthday Jude c

Birthday Jude d Birthday Jude e Birthday Jude f.
Birthday Jude g Birthday Jude h Image7r
These last three photos were taken from Just Jared dot com.
Someone tell him his shirt is see-through!

Hamlet a
On stage as Hamlet in the "To be or not to be" scene.
Hamlet b
A feral Dane.

The remaining photos are favourites found on the Internet.
Image1 Image14
Only rude captions come to mind.
Jude Law d   Jude Law f
Jude Law g Jude Law h Jude swim
On the beach Jude nude
My favourite film role: Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr. Ripley. The other shot can be found in its uncensored version all over the web.
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