What better place to celebrate our eighth (pottery and linen) anniversary than Amsterdam? The cheese, Delft tiles, leather boys, tulips, houseboat, and windmills made for an unforgettable trip. Click HERE to see our cool gifts to each other, and HERE to see past trips to the city of canals.
B7 Cheese
Eating gouda for breakfast
 1 Hearts
Appropriate sweets at the café where we had our first Dutch beer.
A Houseboat
We rented a beautiful houseboat as our home base.
2 Houseboat
The kitchen with its welcoming bottle of wine
3 Houseboat
The bedroom with comfy pillows
4 Orchid
Orchids on the houseboat
5 Heron
A heron perched across the way
B 6 Sunset
Sunset over the canal on our first night
A tulip2
B Bridge 2
We stayed near Magere Brug, the most famous bridge in Amsterdam.
B Bridge 3
Graffiti on the bridge reminds me of my role as Daddy Warbucks.
B Bridge
Sitting on the Magere Brug
B2 Heads
Almost more heads than my brother's house.
B3 Statues
Nick among the statues in Rembrandtplein.
A Windmill
B4 Febo
Febo's automat food illicits manic expressions.
B5 Webcam
Our images caught in a shop's electronics display
Gal 1
A display of fantasy airline uniforms at the temporary Stedelijk museum.
Gal 2.jpg
This chandelier blinked on and off in morse code.
Gal 3.jpg
Interactive art
Gal 4.jpg
Fibrous tentacled art
Gal 5.jpg
"Everlasting sweets" on display at the Stedelijk Museum
Gal 9a.jpg
Gal 6.jpg
We found out later that photos of this exhibit weren't allowed.
Gal 8.jpg
Oh well.
H Pissoir.jpg
I loved the novelty of outdoor pissoirs.
Ha House.jpg
A pretty Dutch house.
AF 1.jpg
Anne Frank's house - our first time to visit
The secret bookcase entrance to the Frank's upstairs rooms.
Hb Rubber toy.jpg
A rather optimistically proportioned sex toy
Hc Nick Homomonument.jpg
Nick cleans the Space Invader tiles for a photograph.
Hd Space Invader.jpg
A pride-themed Space Invader
He Space Invader.jpg
See more of these street art finds HERE.
Hf Homomonument.jpg
At the Homomonument
I Delft Bench.jpgA Delft-inspired bench
I Delft P Waiter.jpg
Cute waiter at Uit de Kunst in Delft
I Delft parrot deer.jpg
A cruelty-free deer head above the restaurant's toilet
I Delft parrot.jpg
This parrot wandered around among the tables.
I Delft shop.jpg
Delftware on sale
I Delft window.jpg
A modern stained glass window in the (14th century) "new church".
I Delft.jpg
A Delft canal
I G Blue.jpg
More unusual art
I G Windmill.jpg
In Delft with a sought-after windmill in the background
I B Windmill 2.jpg
On top a windmill, just like Jonathan Creek.
I B Windmill.jpg
The windmill actually sold pet supplies down below
I House.jpg
An important buidling in Delft.
I Two.jpg
"Clock striking Two" was on our Been-Go cards
J 2 Cheese seller.jpg
A cute cheese seller in Haarlem
J 3 Ten Boom.jpg
Corrie Ten Boom's House. Someday, a pop group will adopt that name.
J 4 Cute.jpg
I had to photograph a "cute stranger" for my bingo card.
J 5 Cute.jpg
Exercising with a baguette. How European!
J 7 Haarlem.jpg
The Haarlem canal
J 8 Cute.jpg
Cute blond flower seller
J 9 Salsa.jpg
This couple was salsa dancing at the train station.
J Boys.jpg
A fun advertisement in a clothes shop
K 1 N Cheese.jpg
Nick selects some truffle cheese at our nearby shop.
K 2 Cakes.jpg
Outrageously camp cakes from De Taart van m'n Tante.
K 3 Cakes.jpg
These cakes inspire my own creations.
K 4 Cakes.jpg
We ate apple tarts inside.
K 5 N Bear.jpg
Nick poses with a polar bear mosaic.
K 6 Supercow.jpg
Supercow. Perfect for our Superman collection.
K 7 G Tulips.jpg
We bought tulips in the flower market
Z Mottisfont tulips
Here are the tulips in bloom in April, 2007.
A Harness Spyker.jpg
The Spyker Bar was a fun place to have drinks.
K 8 Red Light District.jpg
The famous Red Light District
l flowers.jpg
Flowers on our table back home.
l meal.jpg
Our anniversary meal with Veuve Cliquot champage: a tradition.
Plates 3.jpg
My gift to Nick. Click HERE to enlarge and read more.


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