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I enjoy cooking and get a special thrill baking cakes, cookies, and other goodies for friends and friends-of-friends. My recipes originate from various sources, including New York's Magnolia Bakery, England's Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson, and my grandmother's recipe file. I am self-taught and all my cakes have a homemade look about them but they always taste delicious because of the high quality ingredients and care and attention I give. If you'd like to order something, please email me.

V Banner Weddings2.jpg
Nicholls cake
Actually a replica for an anniversary
Nat cake e
Lemon daisy cake with limoncello syrup
Wedding Cake 1
My first wedding cake, for Dave and Gillie
2012 Wedding Cake 2
The bride topped this cake with roses
Black and white cake 2
Detail of a black and white cake
A lemon cake
White chocolate and limoncello truffles
V Black and white cake 2.jpg
Funky black and white wedding cake
Maggie cake2
Another anniversary cake
Wedding Cake 3
Wedding cupcakes
V 2010 B&B cupcakes.jpg
Detail of marzipan roses
Wedding Cake 2
Detail of the Dave and Gillie cake
V Black and white cake.jpg
The popular black and white cake
V Bear Wedding cake.jpg
Our own cake from our wedding
V Nicholls cake b.jpg
Icing dog roses
2014 Jane
Actually an ordination cake
V Banner Birthdays.jpg    
Jack Wills cake
Trendy Jack Wills cake
V Chocolat truffle cake.jpg
Chocolate truffle cake
V Carrot.jpg
For a carrot cake fanatic
V Tiffany's cake.jpg
Tiffany's box cake
2018 b
First birthday cake
V Winnie the Pooh cake.jpg
I love this Winnie the Pooh cake
Bowling cake
Cake for a bowling party
Wicked cake
Wicked cake for a fan
80s cake
1980s cake for husband and wife
2018 a
Panda cake 2018
V Football cake.jpg
Football cake
V Rainbow cake.jpg
Chocolate buttermilk cake
V Bob the Builder Cake 2.jpg
Bob the Builder cake
V Bart Simpson.jpg
Chocolate cake for Simpsons fan
V German chocolate cake.jpg
I always have German chocolate cake
Fruitcake for a friend
Bear Cake
One of my first cakes
Charlotte Cake
Lemony butterfly cake
Badminton cake
Chocolate buttermilk cake
V Bob the Builder cake.jpg
Another Bob the Builder cake
June Disco cake
For a young girl's party
V Gordon cake.jpg
Lemon cake for Gordon
V Guitar cake 1.jpg
Guitar cake for Nick's nephew
V Guitar cake 2.jpg

V Manchester United cake.jpg
Harry's had a lot of chocolate!
V Hazel cake.jpg
Lovely pink cake for super lady
V Joseph cake.jpg
Joseph cake for Lloyd-Webber fan
V Mermaid cake.jpg
Seaside mermaid cake
V Rose cake.jpg
Another fruitcake
V White Chocolate & Limoncello truffle cake.jpg
The lemon cake takes many forms
 May 2013 Cake 1
For a Paris enthusiast
V Rose Chocolate cake.jpg
Detail from a chocolate rose cake
Parrot cake.jpg
Jungle cake
2014 May cake a
Heart shaped cake for sweet 16
 May 2013 cake 2.jpg
A caravan lover's birthday cake
2015 a
For a train enthusiast
V Muppets Beaker.jpg
A Beaker cake for a scientist
Fruitcake with marzipan roses
 V Banner Hen Nights.jpg    
V Full Monty.jpg
Full Monty cake
Greek god 3b
Detail of Greek god cake
V Greek God.jpg
Greek god cake
 V Banner Cupcakes.jpg    
Airen cake
A tower of buttercream
Coloured cupcakes
Inpsired by Magnolia Bakery
Daisy cupcakes2
Daisy cupcakes
Rose cupcake
Luscious chocolate rose cake
Daisy cupcakes
Close up of daisy cupcake
Pastry devil
Sadly, not me
 V Banner Cookies.jpg    
Heart cookies small.jpg
Valentine's Day cookies
Baby cookies
For a child's christening
V Halloween cookies.jpg
Halloween pumpkin cookies
Sea cookies
Seashore cookies
Fashion 2
Fashion cookies
Halloween cookies 2
Halloween gingerbread cookies
Hastings Cookies
Peanut butter cookie gift bag
June Heart cookies
Heart cookies
Fashion 1
Surely you've seen underwear cooies?
V Easter cookies.jpg
Easter shortbread cookies
V Bears.jpg
I make these gingerbears for my pupils.
Teddy briefs
Gingerbread bear in pants
V Hastings cookies.jpg
Another gift package of cookies
V Valentine's cookies.jpg
Valentine love hearts cookies
V Candy canes.jpg
Christmas candy cane cookies
V Banner Christmas.jpg    
Cake 2
One of our first Christmas cakes
V Buche.jpg
Rich, chocolate Bûche de Noël
V Christmas cake.jpg
Christmas cake with marzipan fruits
V Banner Easter.jpg    
Easter Egg
Nick's Easter egg
V Simnel cake.jpg
A simnel cake
V Anniversary cake.jpg
7th anniversary "copper" cake
V Bread.jpg
Homemade bread
V PIzzas.jpg
Mini pizzas from our oven

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