My brother's house in West Point, Mississippi
A family gathering in the kitchen
Meg room
My beauty queen niece's bedroom, where I slept. It was infested with ladybugs, but they were quite polite.

This painting was rescued from our childhood home and now resides on my brother's dining room wall.
D & Sara
My father and niece (with her new guitar). A nameless wild boar looks on.

Deer room
My brother is a hunter. I counted 13 animal heads in the living room. Gross.
These animals were both killed with the same arrow. Went through one and killed the other. How did their mother feel?
Sara room
My niece has a thing for horses.

Elvis house
Elvis's birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi
Elvis bed
The bed Elvis could have been born in (if it were original).
G Elvis car
The car Elvis could have driven (if it were original).
G & Elvis
Youthful Elvis statue grabs my butt.
Three of us played golf.
G Golf
This makes me an official lesbian.
G & D
I'm holding a fried green tomato!
A rustic looking barber shop
G Williams house
An unexpected find
Williams house
Tennessee Williams' house. No mention of his true sexuality, but lots of photos of him and his "special friends" inside.
Waverley Mansion: supposedly haunted
G Tree
The largest magnolia tree in Mississippi
The sports center at Mississippi State University, where I exercised on three glorious occasions.
Pool boy
A fellow exerciser
G Lake
At the end of the trip, I relaxed at my uncle's cabin in South Carolina. For more photos of this splendid place, CLICK HERE.