I played Daddy Warbucks in a wonderful 2006 production of Annie. As with Sweeney Todd, I made individual watercolour cards for each (adult) member of the cast. Click HERE to see them all.
a Hannigan
Miss Hannigan and Annie
b Orphans
The orphans sing Hard Knock Life
Bundles, the laundry man and Miss Hannigan
D dog.jpg
A rather orange Annie with Sandy
e Trio.jpg
Grace, me as Warbucks, and Annie. I had to shave my head every morning for two weeks!
U Review RS.jpg
Click to read the review
f Easy Street.jpg
Miss Hannigan, Rooster, and Lily sing "Easy Street". Rooster was the first role I ever played on stage in 1993.
N Desk.jpg
Grace smirks as I look on, reaching for the phone.
H Wacky.jpg
Fred McCracken and Wacky
I Healy.jpg
Bert Healy singing "Hey, Hobo Man"
J Boylans.jpg
The lovely Boylan Sisters. In the script, I had to mention "Oxydent toothpaste with Miracle L-64 to fight bad breath," but when the set arrived, the backdrop said "Miracle K-64, so I had to change my lines.
K FDR.jpg
Talking to President Roosevelt in the White House. This was dress rehearsal and the marine guard (far right) didn't yet have his costume.
L House.jpg
Singing to Annie in the Warbucks mansion.

M Louise.jpg
Another, less orange, Annie. We had alternate kids casts, both excellent.
g Warbucks.jpg
Annie explains why I can't take her locket.
O Something.jpg
Singing "Something Was Missing".
P Letter.jpg
I had an ultra quick change before this scene, and, at the dress rehearsal, I forgot to take off my light coloured trousers. I only realised this about fifteen minutes later and I laughed on stage.
Q Cast.jpg
Full cast bows
R cast.jpg
The final tableau
S cast 2.jpg
Another bow
T Theatre.jpg
The theatre, with photos in the window
V Nick.jpg
I had to photograph our cute stage manager, Nick.
W rehearsal.jpg
The orphans, including a wigless Annie.


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