We celebrated our fifth (wooden) anniversary again in our favourite romantic city, Paris. Here are a few memories that we could capture in photographs. Click HERE to see photos from 2002 and 2001. By the way, the "Amour" graffito above was painted onto the pavement outside a restaurant where we brunched.
B Champagne
It has become a tradition to share a bottle of Veuve Cliquot on the quai of the Seine, while we reflect upon our memories of the past year.
Our Bridge 2
The bench where we drank our champagne is right on the point of the Ile Saint Louis. Once again, there was an accordion player nearby to serenade us.
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur, one of my favourite places to visit at night
B Open Cafe
The busy rue Ste-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie is full of places to people-watch such as Open Café.
B Pain
Le Pain Quotidien on Rue Des Archives serves amazing brunch.
(See below)
N Pain Pain
Les Mots
At Les Mots a la Bouche book shop, we bought this great souvenir calendar (right) featuring the French rugby team. Now, wouldn't it be great if Hollywood made a "Caldendar Boys" film?
Rugby calendar
Click HERE to see more photos of the naked French rugby team
Cute Man 3
He sat behind us one night at dinner
Cute Man 4 Metro Man 3Metro Man 4
Other Parisian guys
G Pompier
This firefighter was collecting donations.

N Booth
It was near Halloween, so we had spooky portraits made in the photo booth. (See below).
G Devil N Skeleton
B Ours
A shop that only sells bears.
N Finkel
Finkelsztajn's delicatessen, where we had lunch.
Nick is queueing for the Pompidou Centre, where we saw an excellent exhibit of work by Jean Cocteau.
Click the image to see a sample of Cocteau's work. Some of it is quite racy. You have been warned!
Glowing Men
These glowing men were in the Pompidou Centre.
N Escalator
On the escalator
A mural in the Beaubourg area

N Ball
Someone was giving out promotional tennis balls outside the Bercy metro stop. It seemed like a good idea until three lads got theirs. Then the metro stop became a ricochet chamber.
B Tree
In the Place des Vosges, near Victor Hugo's house

B Les 2
This quaint toy shop brought a surprisingly pleasant end to our quest for Christmas ornaments. (See below).
Elf Snowman
Lion Giraffe
See more of our Christmas ornaments, cakes, and fun HERE.
 G Obelisk
The Obelisk of Luxor, just before the Champs-Elysées
N Chair
Nick is trying out an unusual chair in a Marais shop
N St Denis
The Saint Denis archway

N Luggage
Despite having metro tickets, we sometimes got stuck behind barriers. Here, we followed the lead of some streetwise youths by crawling through the luggage rack to get in.
N Pastry  N Bear
Mec Zone
We spent a fun Sunday afternoon at the Mec Zone, a bar with a rather strict dress code.