Even ordinary days in summer are extraordinary if you look at things the right way.
For Summer 2010 photos, click HERE.
Summer g sunflowers
Sunflowers in our conservatory
Studland a
On the ferry in Poole harbour
Summer f
Our wisteria bloomed again!
Studland d

Studland d2
A cute windwurfer in Poole harbour
Studland d2b

A travelling funfair on the M3. (Inset) frolicking on Studland beach.
Studland e
Nick in Poole sunlight
Summer aSummer h cherries
An eveninig meal with friends in Basingstoke. Cherries from a farmers' market.
Summer i wisteria
The wisteria again, in full bloom
Summer ia bread
Sourdough in Alresford
Summer ib water lily2
At Hinton Ampner
Summer ic Hinton
In the garden at Hinton Ampner. See another visit HERE.
July f
Nick buys cakes at the Bentley fête.
Summer e
Winchester farmers' market
July f2
Just like a Midsomer Murders episode
July g
A rough dad
July g2
1st Prize in the men-only cake bake
July g4
Prize winning produce
July g3
These won first prize for berries.
July g5
I like the colourful rainbow chard.
July g6
Cute Dad watches terriers racing.
July h2
Oranges for Sunday breakfast
July i
A scarecrow at Mottisfont
July h
In Farnborough
July i5
This robin joined our picnic.
July i3
At Mottisfont
July h2b
Home grown blueberries for our Sunday pancake feast
July i4
Our picnic of spanakopita, tzatsiki, carrot cupcakes, and Amstel beer
 July i6
Thistles in Mottisfont's garden
July i7
Riverford organic gooseberries sugared and soused in elderflower cordial for our crumble.
July jb
Our lovely conservatory
July jc
Nick at mealtime
July j
Some organic carrots that became carrot and coconut soup
London a.jpg
Clouds over our town
Banner London London d.jpg
Herman Melville's house.
BP a
These are paintings at the BP Portrait Award
BP f
"Imagine" by Jose Luis Corella
BP c
"Tom" by Michael Gaskell
Plinth 1.jpg
Participants in Anthony Gormley's One and Other, an art installation on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square
Plinth 2.jpg
Various men seen around London on the day
South Bank.jpg
Artist Yayoi Kusama wrapped the trees on the South Bank with polka dot material as part of the Hayward Gallery's Walking in My Mind exhibition.
Hayward 1.jpg
 Hayward 2.jpg
London hf.jpg London he London hh
Charles Avery's "Eternity Chamber", part of his fictional island world that was on display the Hayward Gallery's Walking in My Mindexhibition


F'king Men.jpg Scenes from the excellent play we went to see. Click any of the images above to see LARGER versions.
"F**king Men is a real pleasure" Evening Standard (critic's choice)


Some of the best images of George made at
Pride efz
A delicious meal was had in Burley's farmers' market Madmen2.jpg
And here, we have rendered ourselves 1950s icons at
Pride f.jpg
The wisteria again
Pride ehm.jpg
Brighton Pride was a soapy mess.
Pride eig
The season's first porcini, found on August 2nd.
Pride eif
Yellow cauliflower!
Pride eif
We also found oyster mushrooms here.

Picnics a.jpg
A front-step picnic with my friend, Julia
Picnics b.jpg
Julia and her daughter playing in the bubbles
Picnics e
Gordon and Neil come for a Greek barbecue
Picnics f2b
Shadows in the bath look like paw prints.


Picnics f2
We go to Avebury for a picnic
Picnics f3
Friends Phil and Liz join us.
Picnics g
A sculpture in Calne
Picnics g2
Real life racing grannies
Picnics h b Picnics h d3
Picnics h d3 Picnics hd9
Picnics hd9c Picnics hd9b
Picnics h c Picnics h c2 Picnics h d
Picnics h d2 Picnics h d5 Picnics h d8
Picnics h2 Picnics hd8 Picnics hd9a

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