We couldn't attend London Pride this year, so we went to Brighton instead, and boy, was it busy! The theme this year was "Beside the Seaside" and the weather forcast was for rain, so we pulled on our wetsuits and joined the fun. Click HERE for photos of past events in London.
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Pride c6b

Pride c7

Pride c8
See more men in kilts HERE.
Pride d2
"Saint Peter" Tatchell has done so much for gays.
Pride d3
These boys were on the Conservatives' float!
Pride d4

Pride b Pride b2
Pride d
Pride c6c
Not since the Pope's funeral have I been in such a crowd!
Pride d5e}
How does he get his nipples this way? See closeup, below.
Pride d6
Perhaps this man is being painted as an Oompa Loompa.
Pride d5b
Pride ed Pride eht
We were delighted with the entertainment Brighton Marina put on for us. Men soaping a car and each other in Union Jack underwear? Count me in!
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