We recently joined the National Trust, which has afforded us numerous wonderful excursions already. Once membership is paid, it is a great feeling to park for free and wander among stately homes, secluded beaches, and magnificent sites that are part of English heritage.


banner Bath  
Bath 2
Dyrham Park, in Bath
The chapel at Dyrham Park
Bath 3
Bath's famous Crescent of Georgian houses
Bath 4
A man has breakfast on the rooftop
Banner Hinton  
a tulips b gardener
c apple blossoms d Hinton Ampner church
e Hinton Ampner
Wisteria is still my favourite flower and scent.
f Hinton Ampner lawn
g Hinton Ampner both h Nick
i Hinton Ampner flowers
Banner Salisbury  
Salisbury a waterfall.jpg Salisbury b cute man.jpg
Salisbury c Nick.jpg Salisbury d.jpg
Salisbury e M House.jpg
This is the National Trust property we visited in Salisbury.
Salisbury f irises.jpg
Salisbury g sunbather.jpg
Salisbury g cute drinks.jpg Salisbury h Pepperpot Hill.jpg
On Pepperpot Hill
Salisbury i Hill.jpg Salisbury j cute bus.jpg

Seen at the bus stop
Banner Watercress  
Watercress 1.jpg Watercress 2.jpg
Watercress 3 town crier.jpg Watercress 4 puppets.jpg
Watercress 5.jpg Watercress 6.jpg
Watercress 7.jpg Watercress 8 Cute man.jpg
Watercress 9.jpg
The famous steam train that shuttles people to the festival
Watercress AWT.jpg
With celebrity chef Anthony Worral Thomspon


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