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Our first night, we stayed at La Grande Maison, near Saumur. What a place!
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Our room
Vendee aj5
Fellow guest, historian Alex
Vendee aj6
The house had its own standing stone.
Vendee aj7
Nick in the garden
Vendee aj9c
We got a meal with wine tasting included.
Vendee aj9e
The old pigeon house is used for wine tastings.
Grande Maison 2.jpg
The system of underground caves and cellars runs under the house and all the way into the next town!
Saumur 2.jpg
Breakfast at La Grande Maison and the market in Saumur
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Vendee akc
We bought our year's garlic from this seller.
Vendee akd
And organic tomatoes here for preserves!
Vendee akd2
This is a supermarket display in Saumur
Vendee ake
Fête du Pain in St-Père-en-Retz
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A cute reveller
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Vendee al
Vendee alaPornic
The castle in Pornic
Vendee alb
A volley ball player
Our friends' lovely farmhouse in Bazoges, where we've spent many happy summers, including this one
Maillezais G.jpg
Lumière du Marais was a music and firework spectacular retracing the 1,000 years of the history of the abbey.
We followed the spooky monks into the abbey and watched the spectacle.
At the labyrinth. This is the last photo taken with my beloved camera before it crashed to the ground and broke.
One of the first photos taken with the new, replacement camera
Vendee bb
Trying out the new camera
Vendee ba
Garden pears were preserved in wine.
Vendee bd
A market seller in Fontenay
The woman who sold us our apricots for jam in Challans. Sunset on the beach. Baskets on display
The market in Challans, a riverside picnic and another market seller.
Ad Men.jpg
Advertising in France never looked so good. Sexy man with glasses, the Vendée heart, and a poster for the Catholic church
Some of our exciting food back at the farmhouse
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Interesting light, Nick playing Frisbee, and looking at bats in the garden
This woman entertained us with stories of fairies and giants beside the streams and water mills at L'Aubonniere, near Chaillé-sur-les-Ormeaux.
We always see at least one bride and groom in France on our holidays.
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Sunset 2
Sunset photography. We had the beach to ourselves!
Sunset 3.jpg
Scenes from the market, a lake we weren't allowed to swim in, and playing Backpacker, a card game we love (George has the coveted penguin card).
An ancient church near the Mervent forest
Great macaroons are to be had here!
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Vouvant 3.jpg
Home 2.jpg
Salt Boy.jpg
Read about Salt Boy here.
Noirmoutier 1.jpg
On our way to Noirmoutier. You can cross the causway at low tide.
Noirmoutier 2.jpg
Noirmoutier 3.jpg
Food fest.jpg
We found a food market at Fromentine
Vouvent, sunrise in the garden, and making sun-dried tomatoes.
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Ile de Re 2.jpg
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Vendee la

Ben Cohen
Ben Cohen has nothing to do with Clisson - just a nice photo.
The streets of Niort are guarded by a dragon.
Home 3.jpg
Getting plums for jam could be dangerous!
Back home with all the preserves we made.

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