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2004 was our 6th anniversary together and we celebrated it in style. The traditional gifts to give are iron, but we both cheated slightly. Nick gave me a steel mushroom knife, engraved with our initials, and I gave him a specially commissioned artwork by Adam & Andy's James Asal, which features the two of us celebrating our anniversary in Paris (our usual spot). We both loved our special gifts. Asal Cartoon TN
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B Rome Balcony Rome souvenirs TN.jpg Rome was full of unexpected surprises and, as I hadn't really put much thought into planning the trip, turned out to be a very nice way to spend our sixth anniversary. Our bed and breakfast, the Alla Balduina, was in a lovely residential neighborhood, and our hosts were very accommodating. We were on the fourth floor penthouse and had our own balcony, where we sat in the evenings and ate pistachio nuts by candlelight.
Rome Balduina TN N Poster TN.jpg
We were lucky to have been given food recommendations by our hosts, and by our friend Bob, who came with us to eat on two separate evenings. With him, we devoured a giant ball of buffalo mozzarella, tiramisu, handmade pasta with truffles, and gorgonzola pizza, all washed down with lots of red wine and grappa. Definitely a successful visit as far as food goes. N Tongue TN.jpg
 G Rome Bobby

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1 Rome ceiling TN

Rome Coming TN.jpg When we weren't eating, we did lots of walking and sightseeing. Our first day, we took the bus down to the Trestevere area, where we strolled around the trendy streets and widow shopped, getting our bearings for the next day. We met Bobby that evening for dinner and he took us to the meat restaurant, which almost lies in the shadow of the Colisseum. Afterwards, we went to a gay bar called Coming Out, and sampled limoncello liqueur.
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Pizza TN.jpg Iron man TN.jpg B Ice Cream TN 1 B Rome Bridge TN
The next morning, we made our way through the city to the Trevi Fountain, where we threw coins and made wishes, and the Spanish Steps, where we ate pistachio ice cream before it could drip down our arms onto the souvenir Christmas ornaments we purchased in a nearby boutique. We did a lot of walking near the Janiculum hill before returning to our hotel to spruce up for our second dinner with Bobby (and his Danish partner, Jens Ole). They took us to an Umbrian restaurant, a tiny Mom-and-Pop establishment that served the mushrooms we were after, plus wild hare, homemade pasta, and lots of other rustic delicacies. B Rome Spanish TN.jpg B Rome Trevi 2 TN.jpg
1 Rome Restaurant TN 1 B Rome TN 1 Rome Bobby TN 1 Rome Porcini TN
 1 G Rome UrnTN Cute Rome Dad TN.jpg 1 N Rome Statue TN Rome Triton TN.jpg
Cute Rome Steps TN.jpg Cute Rome Steps 2 TN.jpg Cute Rome Leonardo TN.jpg G rome Fountain TN.jpg
rome Trevi TN.jpg Cute Rome Flea 2 TN.jpg On Sunday, we got up very early - even earlier than we thought as the daylight savings time 'fallback' caught us unawares - and headed off for the biggest flea market in Rome. It was a hectic, bustling bazaar, full, in my mind, off potential things to sell on Ebay. For this purpose, we bought two sets of knitted South American finger puppets, including a superhero collection of Batman, Robin, Spiderman, and The Hulk. I also bought four packs of outsized playing cards to use in the Alice installation at school.
From there, we walked to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona to take photos before heading to the Vatican, where we actually saw the Pope! Can't say that he does much for me, but it seemed a historical thing to do. Pantheon 2 TN.jpg Pantheon TN.jpg
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rome vatican sculpture TN.jpg Rome Pope TN.jpg

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Rome fountain butt TN.jpg Rome Triton 2 TN.jpg
Speaking of history, our visit coincided with the signing of the European Constitution on Friday, October 29th, and the whole city was full of diplomats, heads of state, and cute policemen. A couple of days later, Nick and I passed the building where the signing took place, on our way to the Circus Maximus. They were tearing down the pavillion, and Nick had the idea of taking some carpet samples that had been thrown out and selling them as souvenirs on Ebay back in England. 1 G Rome Constitution TN Circus tn.jpg
G Boca TN.jpg Boca sexy tn.jpg
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Near the pavilion is the large, round wall plaque that Audrey Hepburn put her hand into in the film Roman Holiday. It's called 'Bocca della Verita' and is supposed to reveal whether or not you are telling the truth when you put your hand (or other body part) into its mouth. Liars are rewarded with their hands being bitten off! Fortunately, we, and half the population of Japan who were queuing with us, turned out to be truthful. Throughout the world, there are millions and millions of almost identical photographs of tourists putting their hands into the mouth of this statue and feigning fright. We now have two to add to this collection.
N Boca TN.jpg
Later, we strolled among the toppled columns and lizard haunted streets of the Forum, and then admired the Colisseum in the daylight before heading back to our bed and breakfast to get showered and ready for our final big meal at the local restaurant. Rome Lizard TN.jpg b rome forum TN.jpg
1 Rome Colisseum columns TN Cute Rome Blue TN.jpg
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Cute Rome Guys TN.jpg

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