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I've been lucky enough to visit The Eternal City twice in seven months, once for our sixth anniversary and once with a school group in April, 2005. Excitingly, my second trip coincided with the events of Pope John Paul II's funeral, which was an unforgettable experience.

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April G Boat.jpg
The afternoon I arrived, I went for a boat ride on a small, terrapin-filled pond in the Villa Borghese park.
April Borghese Temple 2.jpg
This temple was on the pond's edge.
April Vatican 2a.jpg
The first night I was there, some of my group decided they wanted to see the Pope lying in state. We queued for 11.5 hours with a million or so other people! History in the making.
April Castel.jpg
This view of the Castel St. Angleo was seen during the first couple of hours of our standing in line.

April Cute 1.jpg
This man was seen in the queue about four hours into our wait.
April Pope 2.jpg
The Pope said before he died that he didn't mind us taking photos. This was taken at about 11.00 in the morning.
April Cute Vatican man.jpg
One of the pilgrims who came to see the Pope.
April Cute 4.jpg
A security man at the Vatican
April Cute 5.jpg
A rather mature boy scout with his cigarette
April Cute 7.jpg
This forlorn man must have been as tired as we were...
April Cute 8.jpg
...but he still manages to look cute!

April G Steps.jpg
The next day, we had the streets of Rome to ourselves. Here I am, a lone inhabitant of the Spanish Steps.
April Cute 9.jpg
...soon I was joined by this man.
April Trevi.jpg
Trevi Fountain was similarly empty.
April G Trevi 2.jpg
Here I am, making a wish.
April Navona Triton.jpg
A horny little Triton in the Piazza Navona
April Cute 11.jpg
A horny little tourist in the Piazza Navona
April Steps banner.jpg
The usual banner was decorated with a black rosette to honor the Pope.
April Bingo Produce.jpg
Porcini mushrooms are always an exciting find.
April G Fountain.jpg

April G Porcini.jpg
Here I am eating a plate of porcini and some gorgonzola gnocci.
April Cute 10.jpg
This man was admiring the other members of our group.

April Bush.jpg
George Bush was in this car. One of the women I know stuck her tongue out at him.
April Gladiator.jpg
Seen in a Roman toy shop
April Roman Church 2.jpg
We visited the main church of the city of Rome.
April G Door.jpg
Outside the church.
April Elephant Madonna 2.jpg
In another church, I took this super photo.
April Elephant Window.jpg April Fresco.jpg
A beautiful church window
April Wedding.jpg
I can't remember the name of the "wedding cake" building.

April G Verita.jpg
I paid another visit to the Bocca della Verita (the Mouth of Truth). It looks like a big wheel of gorgonzola cheese!
April Colisseum.jpg
Inside the Coliseum
April Centurian.jpg
A centurian entertains the backpackers.

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