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We spent most of our time during the parade this year handing out special Pride Been-Go cards, produced by our exciting new business venture, People in the crowd really seemed to enjoy the cards we gave them, and we hope that they will visit our site and create other cards for their travels. We did manage to take some fun photos from the day, as we have in the past.
D G & Austrian
This Austrian guy was being photographed by Chinese tourists, so I asked him if I could have one too.
C Getting Ready for Pride
These boys were oiling each other up, getting ready for the hot, sunny day in London.
E Boys B Superman BeenGo
The first addition to my Superman collection. We was pleased to receive a Been-Go card from us, too.
F Gay Superman
Another Superman
G Adam
Adam, sans Eve
H BeenGo woman
Another Been-Go fan
I Gay Superman
The third, and final Superman of the day.
J Camp
Camp reveller
K Kilties.jpg
Kilted men for my collection.
L Pride Hairy
Looking in awe at the procession approaching.
M Steelers
The King's Cross Steelers about to perform a trick
N BeenGo Police
Two policemen with their Been-Go cards
O Queer Musllim
P Drag Queens
I love this picture. It reminds me of our neighbor.
Q boy.jpg
Well adjusted
R Stuffed gay boy.jpg
Someof the boys
S Chris & Andy.jpg
Our friends, Chris and Andy
T St Martin.jpg
St. Martin in the Fields with a rainbow flag.
U Cute man.jpg
A happy man
V Kilts
Three kilts, and not a Scotsman among us.
W Dungarees
A man in dungarees.
X Swimwear boys.jpg
Lucky thing it was a hot day.
Y Hairy guy.jpg
Very hot indeed.