In June 2004, I revisted my roller skating childhood to play the roller skating robot, Ariel, in Bob Carlton's sci-fi musical, Return to the Forbidden Planet, which is loosely based on Shakespeare's The Tempest. Below are some photos from the production and a review from the local newspaper.

Ariel & Girls
Ariel Red
The lines on my face were dropped after the first performance.
Gloria 3
Battling the giant tentacles while singing Gloria.
G & Tempest
Me in my Julie Newmar costume with Captain Tempest

G Robot 2
In full gear (minus the hand makeup)

G Robot
I couldn't go to the bathroom once in costume!

Gloria 2
Natalie looked glamorous as Gloria

The 60s style wigs were fabulous

Miranda 2
Soraya as Miranda

Blondes have more fun

Can you believe Ian is wearing a wig and really has short blond hair?!

Return to the Forbidden Planet SCI-FI meets Shakespeare meets BBC South Today as South***ton Musical Society perform Return to the Forbidden Planet from Tuesday.
The play is a parody of Shakespeare's The Tempest and a 1950s sci-fi b-movie, Forbidden Planet, starring Naked Gun actor Leslie Neilson.
This version includes a star guest appearance by Stuart Norval from BBC South Today, appearing on a big screen as a newsreader. It also includes pop hits from the 50s and cast members play saxophone, keyboards, trumpet, bass and lead guitar on stage as well as dance and sing.
Bosun, Ariel, Tempest
Full Cast Bosun & Ariel
The full cast
Miranda & Bosun
Miranda 3
Prospero & Tempest
Prospero and Tempest are both, clearly, married.
Robot Man 2
Singing Robot Man
Robot Man
Shake Rattle & Roll
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Who's Sorry 2
Who's Sorry Now?
Who's Sorry Now
Ever sung a song while roller skating, holding a microphone, and tying someone up?