I visited my favourite American city with a school group in February, mainly to take part in a series of exciting performing arts workshops led by Broadway stars. Our trip also included lots of opportunites to shop, sightsee, eat, and visit old friends. To see our last trip to New York together, click HERE.
A Policeman
The policemen at Ground Zero were very helpful and informative
B Flag
A flag at Ground Zero
C Brooklyn Bridge
A visit to Brooklyn Bridge
U Empire State
Atop the Empire State Building. I've been here a few times, but this was my first visit to the 102nd floor.
D Kilted man
A kilted man at the Brooklyn Bridge.
For more men in kilts, click HERE.
Banner 2
M Pollock
Me with a Jackson Pollock painting
E Monet
Monet's waterlillies tryptich

F Picasso
This Picasso painting was on the cover of one of my music textbooks.
G Matisse
Matisse's dancers
H Matisse
Why wasn't there a postcard of this!
I Van Gogh
Van Gogh's Starry Night
J Rousseau
Rousseau's sleeping gypsy
K Cezanne
Cezanne had the right idea.
L Moma
MOMA from above


N Fire engine
This fire engine was right outside our restaurant.
O Prometheus.jpg
The sculpture of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center
P Rockefeller
With my new cap and the scarf I bought in Dublin
Q Chocolate
A display of chocolates
 R Kevin Covert
Kevin Covert was one of the Broadway instructors who led our workshops.
Z Spamalot Kevin
Kevin's bio
Z Spamalot Jennifer.jpg
Jennifer led our dance workshops and later, she sang for us at an Open Call workshop.
S Kim
An actress whose name escapes me and Kim Steiner, the talented man who led our singing workshop.
T Jerry
I got to meet Jerry, Ana, and their kids at Dallas BBQ one night for dinner.
I am eternally grateful to Abercrombie & Fitch for making my shopping experience there so pleasurable.
Nick likes his new cologne.
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