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We are lucky to have paid our third Valentine's Day visit to New York City in February, 2004. Apart from our old favorites - brunch at Sarabeth's, cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, attentive sales staff at The Leatherman - we made some new discoveries on this trip, including Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building, Chelsea, and Charles's in Harlem. There are lots of photos to see by clicking on the different neighborhood links below. To read a detailed account of our activities, CLICK HERE. Enjoy!

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Fried chicken, ribs, but no picnicking in Harlem
To Upper West Side page
An unforgettable Sara Beth's brunch on the Upper West Side
Map 6 To Upper East Side page
A family get-together on the Upper East Side
To Theater page
Famous celebrities and Broadway Theater District magic
To Queens page
Attack of the 6'4" Teletubby, pink butter, and high school chums in Queens
To Midtown West page
Queer Eye live, brownstones, and iconic sites in Midtown West
To Midtown East page
Gay penguins, underwear models, and Art Deco splendour in Midtown East
To Chelsea page
Heroes in spandex and the Flatiron in Chelsea
To Soho page
Hot firemen, mounted police, and gourmet delicacies in SoHo
To Village page
We get crafty, stuffed, and a very personal fitting in The Village
To Lower Manhattan page
Winter nakedness, Ground Zero, and Brooklyn Bridge - Lower NYC
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