My all-time idol, Meryl Streep appeared with other Hollywood stars in Theater of the New Ear, an evening of original sound plays at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Below are some photos from the event.
Does anyone realise how much this meant to me? Read all about it HERE.
Meryl Streep
M G Stage
Here I am, waiting for Meryl outside the stage door. For a full account of the event, CLICK HERE.
M Meryl 1
Meryl appeared and signed autographs - my dream come true!
M G Photo
The photo I took for Meryl to sign
M Meryl 2
Meryl took my Sharpie marker to sign everyone's books
M Meryl 3
She tried to dress incognito, but we recognised her.
M Meryl 4
When she finished, she still had my pen!
M Autograph
The autograph I got!
M John Goodman
John Goodman was also in the show, and was happy to speak to the assembled group.
Philip Seymour Hoffman, however, wouldn't even wave at his fans.
M John 2.jpg
John Goodman only had a small part in the show.
On stage2.jpg
Cameras weren't allowed, but somehow this shot got taken.
Onstage 2
It's a shame it's blurry.
Onstage 3
The stars acknowledge the compser.
M N Burger
Nick pre-burger
M Nick Underwear
Nick outside an underwear shop in Covent Garden
M G Derren
Our other hero, Derren Brown, is to appear in London soon. We saw him in Salisbury.
M N Plug
Nick underneath a large plug near Carnaby Street
M B Burger
A big burger
JA G Plaque
Earlier this month, we visited Jane Austen's house.
JA House
It's about a half an hour from our own house.
JA Tulips
In Jane Austen's garden
JA N Thatch
A thatched cottage
Cute Builder
No web page is complete without such shots.
JA Yellow
Jane Austen's flowers

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