As we have done for the past two years, we drove to France, this time Provence and the Riviera for two sun- and rain-soaked weeks of fun and adventures. Below are some of our favourite photos from our trip. Click HERE to see photos of past trips to France.
Banner Hastings.jpgA Elaine & Ken
As usual, we appreciated the generosity of Elaine and Ken, who let us stay with them in Hastings before we left for France the next day.
A Nick
After dinner, we went to the arcade, where Nick struck gold.
Our first stop was St-Omer, where we visited the cathedral. There, a group of school children were learning how to carve stone. After exploring, we had dinner by the river with a bottle of 1998 wine, special, because that was the year Nick and George first met. Map St Omer2.jpg B St Omer clock.jpg
The astrological clock
B a Children B Nick

Next stop, Dijon, in the Burgundy area of France. We enjoyed our beer at the 'Tavern of the Bears' before exploring the old town centre.
Map Dijon.jpg
Home of the 'biggest and cutest'
C Town.jpg
The old town centre
Cute white 4.jpg
Nick 5.jpg Nick 4.jpg
C Antiques.jpg
A decorative arrangement of antiques my mother would have loved.
C G&N.jpg
On the steps in Dijon
C Gifts.jpg
This (cute) man at La Compagnie du Cèdre lovingly wrapped the Christmas ornaments we bought in his shop. The French excel at presentation.
D Ornaments.jpg
New ornaments for our collection
C portraits.jpg

Finding the 'Milan light' in the cathedral
C Champagne.jpg
We tasted and bought bottles of champagne at the source, in the Champagne region of France. Ooh la la!


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Map Marseille.jpg
Didn't do much in Marseille. It was incredibly windy there (the mistral), and we had a picnic on top of the hill.
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