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A Day Out Sightseeing
4 B Bike
This giant bike just outside La Chataigneraie - which we never learned how to pronounce - heralded the Tour de France as it passed through town.
4 N Keep.jpg
The ruined, 13th century Château de Pouzauges
4 G Windmill.jpg
Climbing the fence to get a good photo of the windmills of Terrier-Marteau
4 B Forest.jpg
Druids once worshipped mistletoe in the mysterious Bois de la Folie, which was supposed to be inhabited by the fairy Mélusine.
4 N Forest.jpg
This is my favourite photo of Nick.
4 Castle.jpg
The Château de St-Mesmin-la-Ville is a party-ruined, 14th century castle overlooking the Sèvre Nantaise river.
4 N Sandwich.jpg}
Nick contemplates his sandwich outside the Église de La Pommeraie-sur-Sèvre. We visited this church to see the Seven Deadly Sins frescoes on the inside walls.
4 N statue.jpg
And enraptured inside.
4 Sins.jpg
The Seven Deadly Sins frescoes date back to the 12th century.
From left to right: Wrath (armoured), Greed (eating), Lust (in blue), Miserliness (riding wolf), Envy (in red), Pride (crowned). Sloth was on the other side of the pillar.
4 Sins Hand.jpg
Lust is supposed to be "beckoning" with his right hand.
4 Sins Devil.jpg
An extravagantly-horned demon carts the colourful procession off to Hell.
4 Bones.jpg
Relics of 3rd century martyr St Valentine can be seen ain the church of St-Pierre-du-Chemin.
4 Vouvant Turret.jpg
The Tour Mélusine is an ancient watch tower in Vouvant that, according to folklore, was built by the fairy Mélusine in 1242. I bet this legend really annoyed the real builders.
4 Vouvant G.jpg
From atop the tower
4 Vouvant N.jpg
By the river in Vouvant
4 Vouvant Cathedral.jpg
Fantastical animals surround the doorway of Vouvant's 11th century Romanesque church.
4 Vouvant.jpg
Another riverside view
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