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We spent another glorious weekend in Paris in July, Nick on business and I tagging along for the ride. It was an exciting time to be there because the weather was nice and the banks of the Seine were covered with sand and palm trees for the annual Paris Plage. We did some of our usual favourite things, which have already been pictured on these web pages, so I didn't include photos of familiar spots. If you're interested, CLICK HERE to see photos from exciting past experiences! Meanwhile, here are some of the things we saw and did this time around...
G Rodin 2
My first stop was the Rodin museum, with its lovely garden.
G Thinker
Here I am with the Thinker.
Rodin 1

Another brilliant Rodin bronze
This couple was lost in the garden.
Rodin 2
Rodin was good with his hands.
Rodin hand 2
A marble sculpture
Rodin hell
Rodin's impressive Gates of Hell. I've seen another one of these elsewhere. London?
Rodin statues
A male trio in the garden.
Thinker 2
The Thinker
I thought this was a cute coincidence inside the gallery.
G Bridge
I had lunch of endive salad with blue cheese and walnuts on this bridge.
Plage 2
A sunbather on the Plage.
Plage 9
Here he is again.
Plage 1
This volleyball player was using a temporary court right in the city.
Plage 2 & 2
In fact, I took rather a lot of photos of the volleyball players...
Plage 3
Plage 4 Plage 5
Plage 6 Fireman
A fireman on his break
Fireman 2 Fireman 3
G Sand
On the beach by the Seine
N Jamaicans
G Sprinkler N Sprinkler
The fine mist from these sprinklers is a wonderful way to cool off.
It took ages for this man to encourage the boy to let go.
A street performer preparing
N Brothel
In a shop on the rue Ste-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie. Now we know how to decorate our future conservatory.
A feathered lampshade on the same street.
We visited the home and studio of Delacroix, the painter who rendered this familiar image of Chopin.
Delacroix's garden.
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