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Our friends, Dave and Gillie, had a mystical medieval wedding ceremony deep in the forest,
attended by knights, dragons, and a couple of fairies.
z Wedding party
The wedding party, with authentic medieval sunglasses
A Nick elf
I made our costumes - my first ever attempt at using a sewing machine!
d G & Dragon.jpg
Never pass up the opportunity to pose with a severed dragon's head.
Wedding Cake 1
I also made the wedding cake, which matched Gillie's dress.
Wedding Cake 2
Click HERE to see my other cakes.
c George & Dragon
The dragon's maker/slayer
g Knight.jpg
Dave's son, Tom, as "A Knight to Remember"
i bicycles
Medieval steeds, used for jousting
b N & D
Nick and Dave
l Masie
Masie, a rather forbidding looking sorceress, performed preparatory rites.
h Umbrella.jpg
Gloves and umbrella
k Captian.jpg
A cute "Medieval Surrealist"
m G laughing.jpg
The bridal couple giggles during the ceremony
n flowers.jpg
Gillie's boquet
O DAve
Dave with his pewter mug
p Vows.jpg
The wedding vows
q Laugh.jpg
During the ceremony
r hands.jpg
Silver bracelets were exchanged, instead of rings.
s Burying.jpg
Each cut and buried a lock of hair from the other.
t Married.jpg
Leading the wedding procession out of the woods
u Married
The Happy Couple
v D&G.jpg
Posing for photos
w Gillie.jpg
The realities of marriage sink in.
x Dragon
Another dragon slayer
f N & Dragon.jpg
Nick has a go with his uncle's sword, last seen in Anything Goes.
y Monk
A medieval emergency

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