Easter is a time for spring lambs (such as ours bought in Dublin, above) and fun days out. Ours in 2010 involved a reunion in London and a trip to Liverpool. Click HERE to see photos from past Easters.
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A reunion of pupils I taught in the 1990s. We met at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen in London and had a wonderful day together.
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We visited Liverpool, which is home of The Beatles. Pictured are Elvis Presley's shirt, The Cavern replica, and a Beatles mohair jacket.
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John Lennon's glasses. We stayed at Brian Epstein's grandparents' house, now a B&B.
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We had gargantuan margaritas in Liverpool. The next day, we went to see Antony Gormley's Another Place.
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There are 100 life sized cast-iron sculptures that make up Gormley's Another Place, on Crosby beach, near Liverpool.
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The photography studio of Edward Chambré Hardman is now part of the National Trust. The portrait of Ivor Novello caught my eye.
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Tudor era Speke Hall is another National Trust property in Liverpool.
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We visited the childhood homes of both John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It was magical standing in John's bedroom.
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I played part of Eleanor Rigby in Paul's sitting room. The guide definitely looked like a family member.
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A scarecrow dog at our fifth National Trust visit in two days. I made a birthday cake the day we returned. For more cakes, click HERE.
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In March, we visited a nearby abbey, where these photos were taken.
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