Reporters 2
The reporters interview the Revererend and Chinese converts
Evelyn, Hope, Mrs. Harcourt, Whitney
Mrs. Harcourt and my favouite, Cheeky

Buddie 1
Erma sings Buddie, Beware
The Sailors and the Purser
Anything Goes
Big tap routine in Anything Goes
Bon Voyage
No Cure Like Travel (with one smile)
Bows 2
The entire cast
Little Dream
Hope sings Little Dream Goodbye
Step in It
The Purser catches me dressing
Buddie 2
Buddie, Beware
The sailors with their improvised girlfriends
Easy to Love
Hope and Billy
Mrs. Harcourt faints and I look like Superman
A lovely photo of Moonface Martin and Reno Sweeney
Gabriel 2
Blow, Gabriel, Blow
No caption required
Gypsy 1
Reno and me in my Hugh Grant wig
Gypsy 2
Singing Gypsy in Me

The wedding scene. I get the girl.
I Get a Kick
Happy to be wearing a cutain cord
Revelations at the wedding.
A Evie & Hope
Larking with Hope in the dressing room
Sebastian 2.jpg A Hope
No pink dophin in sight.
A Kevin
Does Kevin know how cute he is?
A Paddy
Paddy gets a special gift
A Purser & Billy
The Purser and Billy backstage
For other past show photos, see the sitemap.
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