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Every day seems to be filled with wonderful things if you look at it the right way. This page features an assortment of photos taken between February and May, 2009.
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April i
April ia
A village shop in Devon
April ib
We went to Dartmouth a year go for George's birthday.
April ic
April id April if
We took a boat to Agatha Christie's Greenway, her holiday home.
April ii
This photo was taken just after Nick split the bottom of his jeans.
April ig
We took a tour of the house, which was full of family memorabilia.
April ih
The sign on the door of the mysterious boat house.
April ie
This is the boat house at Agatha Christie's holiday home, Greenway. It was featured in Dead Man's Folly.
April ij
On the quay, waiting for the ferry.
April ik
We saw this man a year ago, in 2008.
April il
Another Devon visitor.
April in
April io
Moorstone Guesthouse, our favourite B&B.
April ip
And no visit to Devon is complete without touring Riverford Organics farm.
April iq
Strange thing to be growing on the farm!
April ir
The cows who provide our organic milk
April is
A field of wild garlic on top of the hill
April it
We took a bag home.
April iu
A plate full of goodies in Riverford's Field Kitchen, recent winner of Best Ethical Restaurant in the UK (Observer Magazine)
April iv
This is our newly refurbished conservatory at home.
April iw
Another view of the conservatory
G a Gordon cake.jpg
I made Gordon's birthday cake. See more cakes HERE.
G d George.jpg
A vintage car outside a National Trust propery we visited.
G b Totem.jpg
A carving from New Zealand
G c Nick.jpg  
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G e Bills.jpg
Bill's restaurant in Brighton, a great place for Sunday brunch
G f Bills cakes.jpg
All their food looks amazing!
G g Brighton man.jpg
A market seller
G h Brighton.jpg
On Brighton Beach
G j Brighton.jpg
Shadow writing
G k Brighton.jpg
The roller coaster on Brighton Pier
G l Cute man.jpg
A Brighton sophisticate
G Nick candles.jpg
Nick lighting candles back home
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April b
George met up in Windsor with old friends
April b2
The Easter Bunny makes an appearance
April c
Easter goodies at our house
April d2
The local farmers' market
April e
A local farmer?
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April f
At Mottisfont Abbey, last visited Easter 2007.
April f2
A view of the old abbey
April f3
Nick in the stables
April f4
Say "neigh".
April f5 April f6
April g
Buying ice cream at our local beach
April h
We took a LONG walk one weekend with a group of Internet chums.
April h2
Standing in nettles
April h3
A lovely white cow
April h4
The treacherous walk down
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Our town came to a standstill in early February when a gentle snow fell overnight. To me, it really didn't seem like much snow, but it was enough to cancel work/school for the day, which was great!
Snow 3.jpg Snow 4.jpg
Snow 5.jpg Snow 6.jpg
Snow 1
Our garden studio and palm
 Snow 2.jpg
We built a snow bear.
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Ordinarily a trip to New York would feature its own page, but this one was for work and Nick wasn't with me, so I didn't take as many photos. Below are a few fun shots. Click HERE for photos from our past trips to New York.
Elmo in Times Square
A cool Chelsea shop specializing in decorative plaster.
A diner at Dallas Barbecue does that thing where you push your arm skin up to make yourself look muscley.
High school pal Jerry and daughters met at Dallas BBQ for dinner.

Who can name the Sondheim show that mentions the Crystler Building?
Me in Central Park
I did a dance workshop led by this cute Australian dancer.
Flags on Fifth Avenue
Art deco frieze at Rockefeller Center
I discovered that the uptown branch of Magnolia Bakery was just a couple of blocks from my hotel! The original was one of the main sights planned for this trip. I make my own cupcakes from their wonderful cookbook. See also photo below.
We discovered Egon Schiele during our trip to Vienna. One of his paintings was in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.
I bought Reece's souveniers at teh Hershey store in Times Square.
A fun advertisement.
This is the fire station featured in Ghostbusters.
And this is the apartment building from Friends.
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A college friend of mine asked if I'd take photos of Flat Stanley in England for his seven year-old's school project.
Stanley a
At Stonehenge, and American teacher exclaimed, "That's Flat Stanley!" and lamented that she'd left her class's lion in her hotel room.
London b
The daffodils were in bloom at Stourhead Gardens, a National Trust gem.

Stanley c.jpg
The entrace to Stourhead
Stanley e2.jpg
Eating a Magnolia Bakery cupcake brought to England from New York.
Stanley b.jpg
A sceptical walker
Stanley d.jpg Stanley f2.jpg
Stanley e.jpg Stanley g.jpg
Stanley f.jpg Stanley h.jpg
Stanley h2.jpg Stanley j.jpg
Stanley k.jpg Stanley l.jpg
Stanley n.jpg Stanley p
London a
This photo is from London, actually. It's George Passmore, half of art duo Gilbert and George. His behaviour was most unusual: he lurked outside a newsagent, then stole their newspaper headline poster and walked off with it! Maybe it will show up in their future work.
Gilbert and George.jpg
One of Gilbert and George's distinctive artworks.

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