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We always enjoy London Pride and 2008's event was well attended...and atypically sunny! On this page are lots of photos of the sights we enjoyed during our two day visit to London. Click HERE for photos of past events
Getting ready2.jpg
Getting ready for the event.
a2 cute man
The first of many cute men we saw.
d Centurian
Centurians in preparation
h Nick and Ian
Nick met up with old friend Ian.
i umbrellas
k Military
I think this was the first year the military attended en masse in uniform.
j Boris
London's new mayor, Boris "Buffoon" Johnson
m Police
o Toga boys r G Star
Sailor 2.jpg
q fun group
This group looked like a lot of fun
t blond
u Kilt man y Darth Vader
zg Group
w cute man
x Switchboard v Big hair
zb Wigs zc manworthy2.jpg
zh Bears
I collect photos of people wearing Superman shirts. See them by clicking HERE or the icon above.
zj Madonna zl Manhunt
zk Black vest zm Man and dog
zn sculpture
zo True Love
A cute couple during the transmission of the final episode of Doctor Who
Freema Agyeman was also at last year's Pride. I had my photo taken with her but looked too fat, so I've not included it here!

zp Bear breakfast
The next day, we had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien outside the Royal Festival Hall. We've also eaten at the one in Paris.
zq Bear breakfast
We took this photo so we could see how many calories we'd consumed once we got home. It was a shocking amount!
zr South Bank fountain
Nick got soaked while playing in Jeppe Hein's Appearing Rooms, an ever-changing fountain at the South Bank Centre.

zs Hayward
Carrying on with the "soak Nick" theme, we enjoyed boating on the roof of the Hayward gallery in Normally, Proceeding and Unrestricted With Without Title, part of the Psycho Buildings exhibition.
zu Nick boat
Nick, pre-drenching
zt Trendy man
A rather cute man looking nervous in his little boat
zv Nick
Nick drying his clothes after our boat flooded
zw Hayward
Another part of the Psycho Buildings exhibition.
zx Cute man
This cute man was hanging around the used book stalls at the South Bank Centre.
zy Silver man
One of those living sculptures, tastefully dressed for our enjoyment.

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